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Summer Guide for Healthy Kids

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School's out and summer break is officially in session! Can you believe another school year has gone by?  Before we know it, they will be graduating! When we look back, it seems that time seems to fly by when raising kids

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Genetic Testing

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Have you seen them? The commercials around each holiday, providing ideas and inspiration for the perfect gift for a loved one? If you’ve seen any television lately, you probably have. They are advertising the idea of genetic testing. Even though

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Can Your Allergies Be Cured?

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Did you know that you may be able to get rid of those pesky allergies for good? Yes, that means that the inhaler you carry around, the steroids you take, and/or the allergy sprays and pills that fill your medicine

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The Wave of the Future: Functional Medicine Labs & How They Could Save Your Life

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What if your body gave off markers to future disease or pain that could be used to detect and treat them before the disease ever appeared?   What if current disease and pain could be treated by healing the entire

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