Sports Massage

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Sports massage, physiotherapy, and athletic massage have a goal of both preventing and treating sports and recreation related injuries.  It’s proactively beneficial for our patients, of all ages, who are training for competitions or just love being fit and active.  Sports massage often helps by speeding up workout recovery time (including DOMS) and preventing minor injuries.  If a serious injury has occurred, this method of soft tissue and muscle manipulation can help to heal but should be used alongside appointments with a sports medicine physician.

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 Why sports massage?
During exercise, microtears occur within the muscles.  This cellular level of change leads to an inflammatory response as the body works to heal and adapt.  Our hope, as we exercise, is that the healing and adapting results in stronger muscles, better endurance, increased flexibility, etc.

Sports massage helps to bring more blood flow to the area which could lessen delayed onset muscle soreness.  Less soreness equals faster recovery.  Faster recovery equals a more consistent training routine.  Massage also helps to calm the nervous system.  Exercise can be stressful on our body and that stress can slow recovery time.  Calming the nervous system through massage allows the body to tap into its natural ability to heal, repair, and strengthen.

In this way, we are proud to create major differences in performance for Coloradans who love their sports and recreation activities.

Sports massage is also used to heal and rehabilitate from injuries.  Sports massage for tennis elbow, shoulder injuries, knee injuries, and for back pain are the most common.  However, sports massage can help support recovery from any sports or recreation injury.

What happens in a sports massage? sports massage near me, sports massage therapy castle rock, colorado natural medicine for sports injury
When preparing for a sports massage, you’ll find the procedures are identical to our other massage therapy options at Colorado Natural Medicine and Acupuncture.  Your session will be in a warm, quiet, and comfortable room.  We have massage tables designed to support your body for comfort and relaxation.  For more information on specifics for our office, please go to our general massage informational web page.

Sports massage combines a blending of many techniques.  Your sports massage therapist will use a variety of these to find the right fit for your needs.  They may use the palm of their hands in a stroking motion to encourage blood flow changes, they might use a kneading and squeezing technique that includes more pressure points, or they might use a friction approach to reach deeper into the tissues.  The approach for each patient is different and the techniques change based on your body’s responses during each massage appointment.

What is the difference between a sports massage and a deep tissue massage?
Sport massage is not the same as deep tissue massage.  Deep tissues massage is a therapy used across the entire body for a collective effect.  Sports massage is designed to treat specific areas of the body based on your personal athletic goals.

What are the benefits of a sports massage?


We recommend sports massage sessions for prevention and you’ll receive the most benefit by scheduling them consistently.  Sports massage isn’t only for treating injuries.  It’s best use is as a regular practice just like athletic training.  In effect, sports massage trains your body to heal and recover in a way that builds you up, specifically based on your needs and your body type.  Your CNMA sports massage therapist is part of your team that will work alongside you to create your best self.

What should I do before and after my sports massage?
To prepare for your sports massage, drink plenty of fluids to help your fascia and muscles become more pliable.  You also may want to have a light meal before your massage as massage tends to slow down your digestive process temporarily.  A heavy meal, pre-massage, may make you feel uncomfortable.

After your massage, continue to hydrate properly.  Regular amounts of water are sufficient, there’s no need to push fluids.  If you are sore later in the day, try a relaxing Epsom salts bath.  The magnesium from the Epsom salts has been shown to relax muscles, reduce tension, and reduce inflammation in internal organs.

Sports massage pricing and availability
Prices for sports massage therapy often vary depending on your practitioner Click here to learn more about our sports massage therapist’s pricing.  We do occasionally offer specials on session packages.  Receive access to these offers throughout the year by clicking here and subscribing to our weekly newsletter.

Colorado Natural Medicine is located in Castle Rock and is close to the areas of Sedalia, Lone Tree, Parker, Castle Pines, Monument, and the Denver Tech Center area.  We offer video / remote appointments for patients who would like a brief consult / meeting with our massage therapists before their visit.  We also offer deep tissue massage, trigger point release massage, and cupping therapy at our practice.  If you’ve searched for “sports massage near me” or “physio massage near me” contact us today at 303.688.6698 or schedule your sport massage therapy appointment online.