Cupping Massage Therapy

cupping therapy, massage therapy, alternative medicine, colorado natural medicine, acupunctureFree Consultation:  Dr. Graves offers a free 15 minute consult and is currently offering an introductory Cupping treatment session of 30 minutes for $65.  Your 30 minutes includes discussion, changing, and treatment time.  Schedule your cupping session at 303.688.6698 or schedule online.

Cupping massage therapy is one of our therapeutic massage offerings here at Colorado Natural Medicine + Acupuncture.  It is often used as a complementary technique with acupuncture and massage.

Cupping  (also called suction cup therapy) has been traditionally used by healers for more than 5000 years in areas all across the world.  Recently, here in the U.S., cupping has been gaining popularity as a therapy for a number of health concerns related to:
• pain (joint & muscle, acute & chronic)
• inflammation
• immunity
• digestion
• circulation

Massage work is typically done with varying types of pressure coming down onto the body.  Cupping is the opposite, it is often referred to as a massage in reverse!  Cupping massage therapy pulls muscles, skin, and connective tissue upwards through a negative pressure technique.  This increases circulation to stimulate healing as well as bringing more oxygen to areas of the body.

How does cupping therapy work?
Our professional cupping therapist will use a technique to place glass or silicone cups onto the treatment area (usually your back).  Typically, this creates a tight feeling at first while the cups suction onto your skin.  During the process, different people experience different sensations depending on the type of health concerns being treated.  To find out more about what cupping feels like, click here to read our blog.

As the cups do their work, the tissues underneath are awakened in a sense.  Stagnation is dispelled easing congestion in the area.  Oxygen is increased as blood flow is renewed.

Cupping massage bruising, what are those marks?cupping marks, cupping bruises, cupping massage therapy, colorado natural medicine, acupuncture
The marks are NOT bruising!  Here in the U.S., we relate the dark colored cupping marks to bruising and bruising is from an injury or trauma to the body.  This is a common misconception about cupping.  Cupping marks are directly related to stagnant circulation.  Toxins are released during the process, pulled from deeper layers in the body,  and this can produce spots ranging from dark purple to light red depending on the level of build up in the affected area.  In most cases, the marks are dark after the first few treatments and then lighten over time as toxins are flushed out.

Although the marks can look painful, they are not.

Cupping therapy side effects
Skin discoloration can occur and will most likely be darker during the first few cupping sessions.  These circular marks are not bruising but are the result of toxins being flushed out from deeper layers of tissue.

Cupping therapy for cellulite
By moving lymph fluid and detoxing tissue layers, cupping therapy can help heal deep tissue.  Increased circulation may cause a smoother, plump, look to the skin.   The look and feel of cellulite can often be changed over time with this type of therapy.

Cupping therapy for weight loss
Cupping therapy could help with weight loss because of the decrease in stress levels and anxiety.  Lessening those can stimulate healing properties within your body.  As toxins are released and flushed from the body, water retention can decrease, digestive health can be improved, and metabolism can be more effective.  All of these changes can cause weight loss and better overall health!

What to expect after cupping
Planning before your cupping session and knowing what to expect can minimize any adverse effects.  Like any massage therapy, drinking plenty of fluids both before and after your session will help to speed the flush of toxins from your body.

How to get rid of cupping marks
Your professional cupping therapist may offer a massage and encourage hydration after your cupping treatment.  Both of these methods may help reduce the duration of your cupping marks.  Ask your experienced therapist for other tips on getting rid of cupping marks after your treatment.

What does cupping do for the body?
Cupping therapy, when performed by an experienced professional, can help to relieve you from a variety of ailments.  By increasing blood flow, healing is stimulated in areas that may have been unable to heal due to stagnation and scarring in the deep tissues.

How often can you do cupping?
Once per week is recommended for the best results regarding cellulite.  Otherwise, treatment recommendations are individualized depending on your current health concerns and your lifestyle.

Does cupping hurt?
Although you will feel a tightness and/or pulling sensation, the majority of people do not have any type of pain during cupping.  Cupping therapy is no more painful than any deep-tissue massage technique.

Cupping therapy can help with:
• arthritis
• rheumatic pain
• headaches (including migraine headaches)
• high blood pressure
• IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
• insomnia
• acne
• diabetes
• colds / flu / allergies
• depression / anxiety
• chronic pain
• sports injuries
• cellulite
• weight loss

If you are looking for “cupping therapy near me”, and you are in the areas of Castle Rock, Parker, Highlands Ranch, Larkspur, or suburbs of Denver and Colorado Springs … you’ve found the right place!  Our experienced therapists are ready to help you find healing and a better quality of life through massage and other customized alternative medicine therapies.