Cupping: What does it feel like?

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So, what is this cupping you keep hearing about REALLY like? 

Since offering cupping as a separate treatment at Colorado Natural Medicine + Acupuncture, we’ve been getting this question often.  Let us explain and give insight on why you may want to consider it.

What does it feel like?
At Colorado Natural Medicine + Acupuncture, glass cups are placed on the area being treated (typically on the back, but could be on other areas depending on what is being treated).  Once they are placed, you may feel a suction type feeling.  At first, the suction may feel tight, but after your mind and body begin to relax, the cups have a deep tissue massage type of feel as they are rolled over or left in place on your treated area.  Many times, clients mention that it feels as though much of their tension is being lifted and released.

During the treatment, the body begins to release toxins and increase blood flow allowing for muscles and tissue to receive nutrients and oxygen.  It moves stagnant blood, toxins, and energy for relief and cleansing. Even though some say it may feel a bit like a deep tissue massage, unlike the compression work during a massage, cupping lifts skin and tissue to encourage loosening of muscles and flow of energy.

Afterwards, your body may feel loosened and relaxed.  Many experience the calming affects much like those of a massage.  You may also notice circular purple spots on your back where the cups were.  It may look painful, but the spots are not.  They are simply the release of the toxicity buildup in that location.  During the first few treatments, the bruise like appearance may be darker, but many times it lightens as treatments continue due to less toxins needing to be released.

Treatment times vary depending upon the client, where he or she is in their treatment process. and the issue being treated, but are typically are 5-20 minutes in length.

What can it do for me?
Cupping can have numerous positive affects on your health and well being.  Here are 3 reasons why you may want to consider cupping:

1.    It can bring you calm.

One of the most powerful affects of cupping can be the relaxation and sedation it provides for the nervous system.  If you’ve been feeling stressed, overworked, and/or burnt out, cupping can still your nervous system allowing you to feel relaxed, calm, and reenergized. 

An alternative treatment for depression, anxiety, stress, and those conditions affected by the nervous system, cupping can soothe the system and may even reduce high blood pressure.

2.  It can help you recover from soreness and pain.

Because cupping lifts the skin and tissue, it promotes healthy blood flow and oxygen to muscle aches and pain in the body.  Are you an athlete with tender muscles after an intense workout?  Do you suffer from chronic muscular pain?  Or maybe you have recurring arthritis or joint pain? Cupping can help your body revitalize itself to lessen and/or eliminate your pain.

Most pain in the body is caused by inflammation.  When cupping lifts the connective tissue from the muscle, vital nutrients, oxygen, and blood flow through the area and decrease inflammation and swelling.  This medication and invasive free treatment can provide wonders of relief from those who suffer from exercise-induced or chronic pain.

3.  It can encourage total health and well being.

The thought of toxin build up, inflammation, and stagnant energy in our bodies doesn’t necessarily paint the most pleasant picture of health.  Many times, these issues can even lead to premature aging and disease. 

Cupping can help cleanse our systems and restore nutrients to our cells, oxygen to our muscles, and energy flow throughout our bodies.  In addition to increasing our overall health, it can also target specific conditions and/or their affects such as colds/flu/allergies, digestive issues such as IBS, insomnia, headaches, diabetes, shingles, acne, and even cellulite, in addition to the above mentioned conditions of depression and anxiety, and chronic pain or exercise-induced soreness.

If you’ve been thinking about cleansing, rejuvenating, and reenergizing, we encourage you to consider cupping.  As a team that strives to help clients achieve total wellness both physically and emotionally, we are mindful of treatments that heal and promote one’s best self. 

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