Trigger Point Release Massage

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Trigger points (TrPs) are those knots of pain that you can feel around areas that have sustained an injury.  They are sensitive to pressure, causing a feeling of stiffness.  The injury can be a one-time event or the result of damaging repetitive motions (repetitive strain injuries / RSIs).  These focused, sore spots can occur anywhere but most often show up as:

Upper back pain

Lower back pain

Shoulder pain

Neck pain

They can also be a combination of any of the areas listed above

Trigger point pressure release therapy can also be beneficial for patients suffering with headaches (tension, cluster, rebound, hypertension, TMJ) including migraines.

Trigger point therapy might be a good fit for you if you have nagging, chronic low back pain or neck pain.  This type of massage therapy might also be right for you if you have tried other methods of massage therapy that have failed at relieving your pain.  This is especially true if you have myofascial pain syndrome. 

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 What is Trigger Point Massage?
Trigger point massage is one type of massage used as part of a natural medicine protocol for our patients.  The focus of this methodology is to recharge the body’s natural healing process within the damaged muscles and nerves.  This can be a complex process for your trigger point massage therapist as some trigger points are located within the aching area and some can be farther away.

Distanced trigger points are called referred pain and they cause pain to be perceived in a different location than the injury.  This is due to your complex network of sensory nerves.  Pain pathways often pass very close to each other and signals can get crossed.  This is often the case with surface pain relating to internal organ disfunction.  If your trigger point release therapist has any concerns about referred pain, they may refer you to our Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Adam Graves.

What happens when a trigger point is released?trigger point massage near me, trigger point massage castle rock, massage therapy repetitive motion injury
Trigger points are not as simple as a button that, once released, will result in immediate pain relief.  Although some patients do experience a quick change, the results depend on the individual.  Patients who are experiencing a low level, irritating or nagging chronic pain often find faster relief with trigger point or myofascial trigger point release therapy.

Is myofascial pain syndrome (MPS) related to fibromyalgia (FM)?
Myofascial pain syndrome is a possible explanation for fibromyalgia but “tender points” are not the same as trigger points.  [1] Although both share many of the same medically mysterious symptoms, we usually suggest a different type of massage therapy for FM.

Trigger point massage can be very effective for myofascial pain syndrome.

Trigger point massage pricing and availability
Prices for trigger point release massage therapy often vary depending on your practitioner.  Click here to learn more about our massage therapist’s pricing.  We do occasionally offer specials on session packages.  Receive access to these offers throughout the year by clicking here and subscribing to our weekly newsletter.

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[1] More about the MPS / FM connection or lack of can be found at