Summer Guide for Healthy Kids

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School's out and summer break is officially in session!

Can you believe another school year has gone by?  Before we know it, they will be graduating!

When we look back, it seems that time seems to fly by when raising kids (well, sans the challenging days!).  That’s why it’s important to mindfully notice the changes, growth, and goals your children have accomplished over the year.

Summer is a great time of year to regroup with your kids with their emotional and physical health.  It’s an easy way to try new things and get a healthy regimen started for when school begins again.

Here are our top 5 kid health suggestions for a happy, healthy summer!

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Does your child suffer from asthma, many colds and viruses, digestive issues, sleep challenges, etc. and you are just living with what your pediatrician has prescribed?  Are you looking for a way to find the root cause of your child’s disorder and try new, holistic ways to treat and/or cure it?

Summer is the perfect time to make the determination to do just that.  Scheduling an appointment with Dr. Graves can be the first step in helping your child.

Did you know that Dr. Graves treats children of all ages over 2 and starts acupuncture when a child seems ready (typically between 5-6 years of age)?

He treats many conditions, and some of the most abundant are:

            – asthma

            – digestive issues

            – low immune systems

            – food and environmental allergies

            – skin problems such as eczema

            – sleep disorders, including bed wetting

Your child can be treated holistically by a naturopathic doctor like Dr. Graves for chronic or acute conditions and can even be treated by both western and eastern medicines combined.

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Daily life can sometimes get in the way of going after the root cause of seemingly innocent symptoms.  There are many appointments to make, schedules to clear, and running around to do in order to figure things out.

But testing can be one of the most beneficial things you can do for your child’s health, specifically food sensitivity testing.

            Is your child suffering from such things as, but not limited to:

            – skin rashes or conditions

            – mood swings

            – fatigue, low energy

            – digestive problems such as tummy aches, constipation, or diarrhea

            – sleep issues, including bed wetting

            – chronic congestion

            – headaches

            then food sensitivity testing could be your tool to healing their system. 

With such a variety of chemicals and toxins in our farms and foods, there are many allergies to be aware of that can wreak havoc on a young person’s body. 

And, testing is quite easy! 

With a simple finger stick (after the age of 2), we test 96 different foods!  Click here to read more on our food sensitivity testing.

Contact us now at (303) 688-6698 to schedule your child’s testing.

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Summer is a time when kids love to indulge in ice cream, hot dogs, hamburgers, etc. (well, maybe all of the time!), and they can be much more prevalent with days at the pool and picnics in the neighborhood.

All of these rich foods and off-schedules can lead to an unbalanced system.  We highly recommend a high dose probiotic to keep kids regular, energetic, and happy!

And if your child is taking an antibiotic, it’s important to include a 30-50 billion probiotic for at least one month during and after the prescribed medication time period.

So bring on the ice cream!  Well, at least a little!

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A good multi-vitamin and immune boosting herbs can keep kids’ nutrients in check and ward off summer illnesses – because who wants the sniffles on a perfect pool day?!

We also like the idea of starting on a solid vitamin and supplement regimen in the summer so immune systems are hearty for the start of school.  And it’s one less thing to get them to try when they have so many new things that bombard them in a new classroom.

We particularly love Nordic Naturals Nordic Berries Multivitamin Gummies for kids.  This is what we give our kids and they are nutrient dense and easy to get kids to take!

 You can purchase them right through our store here.  

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One of the best things you can do for a happy and healthy summer for your kids?

Take care of yourself.

Yes, there are a million things that need to get done.  Yes, there is work to do to keep the family afloat.  Yes, there are meals to make, laundry to do, and parties to attend. 

But there are also your kids.  Kids who need a parent that can be in the moment with them, explore with them, and teach them things not learned in a classroom.

They simply need a parent who is less stressed and more in tune.

If you deal with chronic stress and want to spend this summer enjoying your kids, relaxing in the moment, and leaving frustrations and anxieties behind, try some of these options:

            – 15 minutes of meditation each morning or at lunchtime

            – acupuncture once a month for balance

            – monthly or bi-monthly massage

            – CBD oil to calm the nervous system

            – Lavela W6 1265 Oil capsules (dense lavender oil)

            – a diet rich in farm fresh vegetables and lean proteins

            – walking or moving 7 days a week

            – quiet time outside, reading a book, laying in a hammock, hiking, or enjoying nature somehow

            – Adrenal Response (1-2 daily) to keep cortisol hormone in check

            – 15 minutes of cupping

There are many additional things you can do to clear your mind, even just spending time with yourself.  Don’t feel guilty for needing to refresh yourself while taking care of kids all summer – they will thank you for it when you are much more fun and relaxed!

Are you looking for help with your kids’ health issues and are in search of a naturopathic doctor

Do you live in Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Highlands Ranch, Centennial, Lone Tree, Parker, Monument, Larkspur, or Colorado Springs and would like to schedule an in-person appointment with Dr. Graves to look at your child’s overall health?

Contact us now to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation with Dr. Graves to get started in raising healthy and happy kids!

And…save a bit of that ice cream for us, it is summer after all!

Call us or schedule your appointment online today.

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