CBD (Cannibidiol): Dangerous Drug or Healthy Alternative?

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What comes to mind when you think about it? 

Is it drug users and hippies?  Is it government laws and money?  Or maybe it’s just a gray area you don’t know much about at all and wonder what all the hype is really all about.

Whatever it is that comes to mind, we suggest clearing it all for a moment. 

There are so many ways of thinking about marijuana in our culture today that we can find we have a distinct viewpoint on it without having credible information presented to us – particularly in regards to health.

As this plant becomes more and more popular in our state and across the nation, we find that more of our clients are asking about the option of it and any benefits they may receive from it. 

This is why we are featuring a blog on one specific type of cannabis that may help you with the condition you are suffering from.

So, where do we begin? 

Let’s start by discussing two properties/varieties of cannabis: THC and CBD.

You may have heard these terms, but may not fully understand each of them. 

We’ll break it out simply:

THC is a plant constituent that is psychoactive. 

CBD is a plant constituent with therapeutic benefit and no psychoactive properties.  It has virtually no THC.

THC vs CBD oil, Marijuana, colorado natural medicine and acupuncture castle rockOur bodies have CBD receptors, which means that when CBD is put into the body, receptors respond to it and can have an effect of such things as:

            – calming the nervous system

            – decreasing inflammation

            – treating mood disorders

            – relieving pain

It can be a safe and effective alternative to prescription medication!

Even more, not only are there beneficial relief of issues you may be experiencing, but:

            – effects are immediate, typically within 5-20 minutes and can last all day.

            – you’re body does not build up a tolerance to CBD, so it is non-addictive.

            – CBD can be safe long term – you can take CBD everyday!

            – if you decide to stop taking CBD, there are no withdrawal symptoms.

            – you can take CBD on an occasional basis if you prefer.

CBD oil, Marijuana, colorado natural medicine and acupuncture castle rock

So, what’s the catch?!  You may have some additional questions that we can answer to help provide additional information many of our clients are seeking.

Is CBD oil and cream legal?
Yes, it is.  If your oil or cream are derived from hemp, this is legal.  However, we recommend always checking with a country or other territory before traveling with it.

Is CBD (oil or cream) addictive?
No!  There are no addictive properties to CBD.

Will CBD make me feel like I am “high”?
Nope!  Because CBD has virtually no THC (the plant element that is psychoactive), there are no “high” reactions.  Typically, there is a calming effect within 5-20 minutes that creates a relaxation feel.

Can I go about my daily activities if I take CBD?
Yes.  You may just be a little calmer!  You may still drive, work, and perform your daily functions as normal.  But now, you may feel more relaxed and have less pain.

Do I need a prescription for CBD?
No, you do not. 

You may visit the CNMA office and purchase directly through us.  We purchase our CBD products from a local organic farmer.  You do not need a prescription or recommendation from a practitioner.  However, we are here to answer any questions and provide guidance on using it! 

Are there side effects of CBD?
We have found there to be very little to no side effects of CBD.  Understanding that everyone is different, we are aware that a side effect may occur, however, we have not seen that yet.  It is always important to consult with a doctor about what medications are currently being used before trying CBD.

Can I travel with CBD?
As mentioned previously, we always recommend checking with an airline, country, etc. before taking CBD with you.  It can be a gray area in some places, so we prefer to double check ahead of time.

Will CBD show up on a drug test?
THC is what drug tests are looking for so typically, no, but we are unable to say that CBD has absolutely zero trace amounts of THC and we are unable to guarantee it will not show up.

How do I know if CBD could help me?
This is a great question and one we can help you with.  If you’re experiencing:

            – chronic stress

            – anxiety

            – chronic pain

            – join pain, arthritis

            – sports injury pain

            – sleep issues

            – mood disorder

Or another issue that you think might benefit from CBD, please contact us to discuss further.  A free 15 minute phone call with Dr. Adam Graves can provide you time to explain your condition and guidance from Dr. Graves to see if CBD would work and if so, what dosage recommendation he suggests.  Schedule your call now here.

Are you interested in trying CBD?

Put your fears aside, and give us a call!  We can talk with you more in-depth about CBD and answers any additional questions you may have.

If you live in Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch, Parker, Centennial, Monument, Larkspur, or Colorado Springs, please feel free to stop by our office as well! 

Remember, you do not need a prescription and can stop in anytime during office hours to purchase!
New options for better health are here.  This may just be one of the most significant ones right now.

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