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Have you seen them? The commercials around each holiday, providing ideas and inspiration for the perfect gift for a loved one?

If you’ve seen any television lately, you probably have.

They are advertising the idea of genetic testing.
Even though genetic testing has been taking place for some time, the ease and availability for the general population is like nothing we’ve ever seen before. As the opportunity for genetic testing becomes more accessible, we find more questions from our clients as to how it works, if it’s beneficial, and what is done with the results.

This is why we want to share some of our most prevalent questions we receive with answers from Dr. Adam Graves. As a naturopathic doctor who understands genetic testing, his insight may help you decide if this opportunity is one worth exploring for yourself.


Dr. Graves: Genetic testing is widely available these days so for one, it’s easy to conduct. No doctor appointments are necessary and your part is done at home. It’s can also be relatively cost effective for many people.

However, most notably, genetic testing can sometimes give us deeper understanding of how your genetics may be contributing to your current and/or future health issues.

Do you have:

– Symptoms that are difficult to find the underlying cause to?

– Worry about your chances of developing certain genetic disease as you age?

– Questions about what decisions you should make for your health now that will optimize it for the future?

These questions may be able to be answered through genetic testing.


Dr. Graves: Yes. Depending on which genes and genetic pathways need support, I (as well as the CNMA staff) can help interpret yourgenetic testing, doctor adam graves, colorado natural medicine and acupuncture, 80104 results and put together a plan that complements your health risks and needs.

I use many targeted nutrients and herbs to help support genetic pathways, thus helping to improve your current health issues.

This holistic approach allows us to strengthen areas which need support and be mindful of aspects which could pose any future risks.


Dr. Graves: Yes and no! We offer some genetic testing through our office and then we are able to recommend other companies to conduct certain tests that we then interpret for you.

In our office, we offer:

– genetic diet testing

– genetic exercise testing

These tests explore which diet and exercise style works best for your genetics. We use a company called Genetic Direction to assist us with results.

For health conditions, we use 23andme. You are able to handle the testing at home and the results are processed through 23andme. I also have you run the results through an additional program called StrateGene. I am then able to interpret the results from StrateGene and make recommendations based on them.


Dr. Graves: Genetic medicine is very trendy right now. But did you know that it’s estimated that about 70% of your gene expression IS IN YOUR CONTROL?

genetic testing and diet, genetic diet testing denver, genetic diet testing colorado springs, doctor adam graves, 80104Eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables along with moving daily, proper sleep, and stress management can all help keep your genes working properly.

A good book I recommend by a colleague of mine is called, “Dirty Genes” by Dr. Ben Lynch. This book explores genes and the role of environment or hereditary involved in making them act dysfunctional.

Overall, genetic testing is easy and accessible. However, it’s important to have your results mindfully interpreted for maximum benefit. And remember, much of your lifestyle attributes to the way your genes may react.

If you live in Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Highlands Ranch, Centennial, Parker, Larkspur, Monument, or Colorado Springs and have questions about genetic testing or are interested in pursuing the opportunity, please feel free to call us at (303) 688-6698.

We are happy to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation with Dr. Graves for you to discuss your questions and find out more about genetic testing.

Contact us now to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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