What is a Detox Diet? 3 Steps to Help You Detoxify Your Body

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The sluggishness. The bloating. Those extra pounds that you need to jump start to shed.

The weeks of overindulging, the wondering if you have a food allergy, or the noting of endless advertising of magical detox solutions that will take your flab to fab in a matter of minutes?

Ever wonder if detox is a valid solution and if so, how to do it?! Many of us do!

The question is…is detoxing a healthy way to feel better, to change our habits, and to refresh our bodies?

These days it seems like everyone is on a special diet to detoxify their body. But how do you know if a detox is right for you AND is it even healthy for your body?

Let’s explore!

How do I know a detox is a good idea for me?
For many of us, we can tell by the ways our body reacts to our diet and lack of exercise that it’s time to give our system a break and cleanse itself out.

However, there are other hazards that we are exposed to on a daily basis that we don’t know the impact of yet – which can be quite concerning.

For example, we are aware of the current standards our bodies can handle for processing chemicals (plastics, synthetics, pesticides, etc.). What we DON’T KNOW are the consequences of exposure to all of these things at low levels existing together.

Could the existence of many hazards at low, acceptable levels on their own be dangerous to our system when compounded together over time?

For overall and hormonal health, it’s crucial we take this into consideration. This is particularly why a detox could be a good option for you.

What does a detox do?
Because our bodies are constantly being exposed to everything from added sugars to GMO’s to pesticides, accumulation of harmful products can have negative impacts on our health.

Think of detoxing as a SHORT TERM solution to supporting a LONG TERM goal. There are many detox programs/processes to pick from, such as:

– Sugar Detox

– Carb Detox

– Meat Detox

Depending on religious affiliations, lifestyle habits, and/or overall health concerns, you can choose from a variety of ways to detox.

For example, if candida/yeast build-up is recurring, a sugar detox may help detoxify the built up sugars producing the candida and cleanse out the system.

If you can’t seem to kick the nightly snack habit after pizza for dinner, a carb detox may help curb our cravings and melt off some added fluff.

Do your research and pick what’s best for you, your lifestyle, and your health considerations.

So how do WE detox?
If you need inspiration and a way to get started, here are 3 steps to detox healthfully and naturally!

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The goal of this step is to simply stop putting in what can hurt you. Specifically:

– try to avoid any products that contain dyes, perfumes, artificial scents

– switch out all plastic items (think water bottles and food containers) to glass

– go organic with food and beverages

– switch to natural and organic personal products (deodorants, toothpaste, lotions, shampoos, etc.)

It’s time to look at what you are exposing yourself to and make changes to avoid the dangers that are easy to overlook.

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When deciding to detox, keep in mind that certain supplements can help support the natural ways our body detoxes and may even encourage faster results!

Herbs and supplements can be key to a healthy detox. Following are three that we find crucial:

Milk Thistle – an inexpensive herb that supports liver function by increasing bile production and supporting liver cells.

B Vitamins – these simply help the liver detox and provide vital energy for sluggishness

Taurine – can help prevent liver disease and supports detoxification through this important organ

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Our bodies have a natural detoxification system – how cool! However, we need to support that system so it runs properly and effectively.

Here is what we need to take care of and how we can sustain daily detox:

Lungs – movement and deep breathing can help our lungs clear toxins

Bowels – eating lots of fiber from vegetables helps our bowels move toxins out of our body

Kidneys – drinking water with lemon increases bile which is what carries toxins out of our body. Bile is absorbed into fiber and is eliminated through our system

Skin – our largest detox organ, sweating through sauna use or hot baths can help us release toxins

Liver – supplements can help this most important detoxification organ work properly to digest unhealthy chemicals in our body. Milk thistle, B Vitamins, and Taurine all help support this crucial organ

Having the knowledge of what these organs do and the mindfulness of how we can take care of them properly can help us sustain a healthy lifestyle by detoxing daily!

Are you considering a detox but are unsure how to go about it and which one would be best for you? If you live in Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Highlands Ranch, Parker, Centennial, Larkspur, Monument, or Colorado Springs, call us at 303.688.6698 or schedule online with Dr. Graves for a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation to discuss further.

This could be the answer to giving your body a reboot and beginning to live your best life.

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