Naturopathic Solutions For Gastrointestinal Issues

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Last week, I told you about the gut/ brain connection and how pervasive the relationship between the two can be. If your mind and body don’t seem to be working at optimal levels, there are some questions you can ask yourself to understand better whether your gut microbiome is out of balance.

Are you someone who has done a body check-in, made some adjustments to your lifestyle, and is still experiencing gastrointestinal symptoms? It can be frustrating when you take a proactive approach to your healthcare, but it creates more questions than answers.

Like you, many of my patients aren’t interested in the quick-fix solutions that conventional medicine offers. In other words, they don’t want to merely get rid of their symptoms by medicating them. They are looking for long-term restorative approaches that will alleviate their discomfort.

Here’s how my approach differs from that of Western medical doctors:

Starting with a complimentary new patient consultation, I will chat with you and listen to your questions and concerns about your health issues. I want to know where you are coming from, understand your goals, and make sure that our approach is the best approach for your health struggles.

After that initial consultation, if we decide to work together, you will have an intake appointment at which I will do a more in-depth evaluation. Depending on your situation, I might recommend functional testing. Functional testing digs deeper than conventional medical testing and allows me to learn more about how your body works.. In the case of gastrointestinal issues, I may perform a comprehensive stool analysis, food sensitivity testing, and SIBO/SIFO breath testing to name a few. For other issues, here is a list of functional tests we perform at Colorado Natural Medicine & Acupuncture. By identifying the root cause of your illness, we can use targeted, natural treatments to restore your health.

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I believe in treating the whole person. Healthcare isn’t just about the physical symptoms you’re experiencing. It’s also about how you function emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Wellness comes from the healthy integration of all the factors that make you a human.

Integrative wellness means that we will use all the tools available to empower your healthcare decisions and prevent future recurrences. We will develop a course of action that fits your unique needs. A plan for gastrointestinal issues might include nutritional and herbal supplements, acupuncture, and additional lifestyle changes.

If you want answers to your gastrointestinal problems, I can help you find and utilize naturopathic solutions. Let’s get started. I offer a complimentary call for new patients to discuss their symptoms. I can help you develop a personalized plan to transform your gut health and help you feel your best. Contact me by calling 303-688-6698 or scheduling online.

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