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Are your emotions disrupting your health?

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Your emotions can significantly impact your health…

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Gut-Brain Connection

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Transformation is waiting for you…

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Q&A with Tonja Graves

expressive arts therapy for women and children at Colorado Natural Medicine in Castle Rock with therapist Tonja Graves

Meet Tonja Graves, an expressive arts therapist dedicated to guiding individuals on transformative journeys of self-expression and holistic healing. With over 28 years of expertise, Tonja has crafted a unique approach that combines art therapy, sandtray therapy, play therapy, and

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Meaningful transition to fall

Fall 2023, self-reflection, change, transition, spending time in nature, fall recipes, naturopathic care

Here are some of our favorite ways to mindfully make this transition…

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Healthy Work Travel

Traveling for work, anxiety about work, work stress, wellness, healthy travel tips, acupuncture for stress, massage for stress

What can you do to stay healthy during necessary work travel?

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Journal Prompts

Creativity, Creative Expression, mindfulness, writing prompts, relief from stress, what is naturopathic medicine

Remember creativity?

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New Year, New Perspective

Contemplation, self-reflection, mindfulness, meditation, new perspective, doctor adam graves

Ever wonder about life, death, the world/universe, and your place within it all?

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