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Journal Prompts

Creativity, Creative Expression, mindfulness, writing prompts, relief from stress, what is naturopathic medicine

Remember creativity?

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New Year, New Perspective

Contemplation, self-reflection, mindfulness, meditation, new perspective, doctor adam graves

Ever wonder about life, death, the world/universe, and your place within it all?

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3 Things to Remember Before You Indulge in Thanksgiving Dinner

thanksgiving, holidays 2022, thanksgiving diet, food guilt, mindfulness, health holidays

Does indulging in Thanksgiving dinner make your tummy feel crummy and your mind feel unkind?

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Mindfulness in Children

mindfulness, mindfulness in kids, anxiety, stress and kids, breath work, gratitude

How to foster mindfulness in kids …

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Holiday Purpose

purpose, holidays, holiday stress, relax during holidays, holiday travel, mindfulness

Find new purpose this season …

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Food Guilt Part II

ood guilt, mental health physical health connection, get healthy for fall, cravings, nourishment, mindfulness

Tips to work through food guilt …

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