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Healthy Work Travel

Traveling for work, anxiety about work, work stress, wellness, healthy travel tips, acupuncture for stress, massage for stress

What can you do to stay healthy during necessary work travel?

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Love For Your Heart

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Behaviors that positively impact our hearts …

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Slowing Down

holiday stress, winter health, natural self care 2021, massage for stress, healthy holiday, unplug 

Get the most out of this season …

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CBD Massage

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The benefits of CBD massage …

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Don’t Let Stress Ruin Your Holidays

stress free holidays, relax during the holidays, stay healthy during holidays, colorado natural medicine

Are you knee-high in decorations, cookies, songs, and events, all geared to celebrate the holidays but end up stressing you out? Does it seem fun at the beginning only to be overdone by the time the holiday comes around? Or

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