CBD Massage

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CBD Massage

CBD seems to be everywhere these days – from shampoo to seltzer water and everything in between.

And now that CBD is offered as a specialty massage, is it just one of the latest crazes when it comes to this non-psychoactive compound found in the hemp plant or is it as therapeutic as many claim?

We put one of our staff members to the test and here is what was experienced:


I really didn’t know what to expect.

I have massages consistently and use CBD for stress-relief and sleep, but had never considered combining the two for a CBD massage.

Questions such as:

  • Would I be too relaxed or tired to drive home afterwards?
  • Would I feel tingly all over?  
  • Could I go on with my day afterwards or would I feel out of it?

were top of mind.

Even though I have never experienced any of these things with massage nor CBD, I guess I still had questions subconsciously that made me hesitant.

So when I was asked to try one with our new massage therapist at CNMA, these questions arose out loud.  Fortunately, I got them answered!

Here is what it felt like for me…

When the massage started, therapist Ysabel Tinoco placed a variety of droplets down my spine followed by strong, yet gentle strokes typical to a normal massage.

I waited anxiously for how my back muscles would feel in the moments following…but I soon realized it was my mind that would feel the effects first.

It can take me a good 20-30 minutes for my brain to finally relax when I get a massage.  As much as I want to only focus on the sense of touch, my mind seems to race and jump around until it finally gives way to calm.

With the CBD massage, this feeling of relaxation for my mind came in just a few minutes.  I did not feel “out of it” at any point, but I did experience a sensation close to a deep meditation.  It was as though my brain was actually resting and I could truly feel the massage.

Not going to lie…that was pretty fabulous.

Throughout the rest of the massage, CBD oil was placed on a variety of points on my body.

This not only kept my mind at rest but it also seemed to help with inflammation.  After the massage, my muscles were not sore in areas that needed extra attention (and I worked out extra-hard that morning to put it to the test).

Was it the CBD?  Or was it the massage technique?

My guess is it was probably a combination, but one that I very much enjoyed!

When the massage was finished, I stayed in a state of relaxation (deeper than when I leave a traditional massage) for about an hour after.  I did not feel excessively tired or that I couldn’t go about my day as usual (including driving).

My opinion overall?

My CBD massage experience was truly mind-body.  I was able to calm my thoughts and focus on relaxing my body while my mind rested in a meditative state.

It felt as though my mind received a massage at the same time my body did!

Would I have one again?

Absolutely!  The full enjoyment of this massage went beyond what I have experienced before and perfect for times when I need to let-go, relieve stress, and regroup.


Our staff member isn’t alone; although everyone can experience different effects, many have felt similar ones.

CBD is known for its therapeutics, including:

  • decreasing inflammation
  • reducing and/or eliminating pain
  • calming the mind and nervous system

in which a CBD massage can enhance these benefits.  Learn more about CBD here.

Interested in trying one yourself?

To schedule a CBD massage at the CNMA office (and/or to ask any additional questions you may have), please call us at (303) 688-6698 or click here to make your appointment online.

The CNMA office provides naturopathic care, testing, massage, and holistic counseling to those in Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Centennial, Parker, Larkspur, Monument, Colorado Springs, and the greater Denver metro area.  For those outside of these areas, virtual appointments are available.

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