Flu Season Supplements

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The moment your kid comes to you with a fever and cough.

When your stomach starts to bubble and you need to be close to the bathroom.

Knowing everyone just needs to get some sleep, but sickness is preventing it.

These are all common experiences during cold and flu season and when symptoms hit, you want to be prepared. 

Getting sick is a natural part of living in society.  Whether passed along from someone else, from touching an infected object, or even picked up from spoiled food, once we realize we (and our families) will more-than-likely come down with a virus at some point, we can prepare our medicine cabinets for when symptoms strike.

(Because who wants to run to the store at midnight or have to wait until the 

CNMA office reopens after the weekend to start feeling better?!)

While you may not be able to prevent sickness, what you do when you are sick can make a difference in the intensity and duration.

Here are 5 supplements you may want to have readily available for you and your family during this time of year:

  1. Acute Immune™ by Mountain Peak Nutritionals or Wellness Formula® Capsules by Source Naturals®. Designed to boost the immune system (for kids and adults), take these supplements at the first sign of sickness (2 capsules every 4 hours for 24-72 hours) to lessen severity and length. Acute Immune™ is available at the CNMA office while Wellness Formula® may be found online or in local health food stores. Capsules can be broken and placed in juice or applesauce for kids.
  2. Saccharomyces Boulardii. This probiotic yeast is a stronger form of probiotics that crowds out bad bacteria.  Take 1-2 capsules per day for stomach upset and/or diarrhea in kids and adults. The CNMA offices carries Saccharomyces Boulardii by Klaire Labs™ and by SeekingHealth®. They are typically shelf-stable for 6-9 months but if kept in the freezer, they can last years.
  3. Essential Oil Chest Rub and/or Decongestant. For easier breathing with a chest cold and/or sinus issues, rub an essential oil balm such as Chest Rub Relief by Now® (available at the CNMA office) on the chest and neck or use an essential oil diffuser next to your work station or bed. Note that for children, it may be best to apply once they are asleep so it doesn’t agitate their eyes. In addition, use of an essential oil sinus spray can be helpful as well as Breathe Easy® tea by Traditional Medicinals.
  4. Natural Sleep Aid. Sickness can prevent an essential good night’s sleep for the immune system.  Time-release melatonin for adults or liquid melatonin for kids can be used for a brief time to encourage sleep. Over-the-counter cold/flu medications that help sleep may be useful as well.
  5. Immunity Food. Taken daily throughout cold and flu season, supplements that strengthen immunity such as Mushroom Superfood OM™ Immune Defense (available at the CNMA office) can support a healthy response to viruses when they are contracted.

And don’t forget vitamin D, daily probiotics, as well as other nourishing supplements for immune defense can all be beneficial.

Colds and flus can hit at anytime so be prepared with supplements such as these for when stomach aches, coughs, stuffy noses, body aches, etc. arise.

Click here for tips on Keeping Kids Healthy During Cold and Flu Season and Naturopathic Prevention and Remedies for Flus.

Note that these are not the only options to help defend against viruses.  For additional suggestions or a customized protocol, please call us at (303) 688-6698 or click here to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation with naturopathic doctor, Dr. Graves to discuss further.

The CNMA office provides naturopathic care, testing, massage, and holistic counseling to those in Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Centennial, Parker, Larkspur, Monument, Colorado Springs, and the greater Denver metro area.  For those outside of these areas, virtual appointments are available.

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