Prevention and Natural Remedies for Flu 2019

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Have you heard about this year’s flus?

It’s being touted as one of the worst we’ve seen in years. It’s hard to miss the the news reports about this deadly sickness and it’s even harder to not be a bit paranoid about getting it.

Due to the high activity of flu currently and the possibility of the spreading of lasting until late Spring, we find it’s important to freshen up our knowledge on ways to prevent the flu and how to treat it if you, unfortunately, come down with it.

Here are 5 tips to PREVENTING the flu:

1.  The Obvious – Wash Your Hands!

Yes, we know you’ve heard this one before, but really think about your hand washing regimen. Are you really washing a full 20 seconds before rinsing? Are you completely drying them afterwards? We recommend remembering to wash as soon as you walk in the door, at every restaurant after ordering and even on your way out of the door of heavy traffic places such as stores and schools.

2. The Much Needed, But Hard to Get – REST!

Again, another one we guess you know about. But we can’t stress enough how lack of sleep can stress out the immune system making it so much easier to contract the flu.

So what to do if it’s hard to find time for more rest? Try slowing down. Schedule time for meditation, reading, relaxing, and more sleep time. These can help give your system a break to refresh itself to fight bad germs. Keep in mind if you don’t find time for rest, you may be forced to find time to recuperate from the flu.

Click here for 4 natural remedies for better sleep.

3. Drink Up & Hydrate!

Keep flushing out toxins and keep your immune system in good shape to respond to viruses by drinking water and healthy smoothies!

4. Manage. The. Stress.

Simply put…stress lowers the immune system and can be an easy way to invite viruses to attack. It sounds nice, but what can really be done to de-stress and build the immune system back up?


Acupuncture: like a massage for the brain, acupuncture can bring stress hormones down and increase the body’s ability to ward off illness

Massage: yes, this feel good hour can really be worth staying healthy

– Sleep: see our number 2 tip!

– Movement: get out and exercise! In particular, we love outdoor exercise for fresh air and connection with nature and the environment

Learn more HERE about keeping stress from controlling your life.

5. Prevention Protocol!

Do you know that there are natural herbs and supplements that can help strengthen the immune system and help fight off the flu?

Specifically, for adults I recommend:

– Thymucin: this immune booster helps activate killer T cells while boosting energy with an adaptogen. This was my first lifesaver when encountering clients with the flu or colds. 2 capsules a day is a good preventative dose. After trying this, I found I became much more resistant over night to most colds and flu I encountered daily.

– Vitamin D3 5,000 IU daily for adults is a good addition providing another boost to the immune system. When I did contract the flu last winter, this vitamin saved me!

– NAC- N acetyl Cystiene – 500 mg twice a day. NAC is a precursor to the body’s main antioxidant glutathione in which some research shows it helps reduce the severity of flu if it is contracted.

Want to give your kids a prevention boost too?  Read this link for prevention specifically related to kids.

What happens if, unfortunately, the flu is contracted? Here are 5 ways to TREAT it:

1.  Rest, Rest, Rest.

This year’s flu is not one to mess with! Stay home and rest! We recommend epsom salt baths at the first sign of sickness to give the body a chance to fight it. Don’t wait until you can’t function to take it easy – rest immediately!

2. Hydrate – some more!

If the flu is in the body, stay super hydrated with water and soup. This will keep mucous thin and the lungs clear. Even if it doesn’t sound good, keep the liquids coming.

3. Support the Fever.

Fever is the sign of the body fighting illness. Support it with warm baths and lots of blankets. Remember to stay hydrated as the body may sweat more than normal and only take fever suppressing medication (such as Tylenol or ibuprofen) if the fever is around 102.

4. Take Herbs & Nutrients!

For adults, we recommend:

– Acute Immune (2 capsules, 4 times a day)

– NAC- 500mg (2 times a day)

– Pulmonest (20-40 drops, 4 times a day) for cough and lungs

– Elderberry, Astragulus, Zinc, Vitamin C (depending on which symptoms are present)

5. Don’t Take Chances – Go To Urgent Care or the ER
If you experience any trouble breathing or feel concerned at anytime, go immediately to urgent care or the ER. All medicine has its proper place. We have had patients need prescribed medications, herbs/nutrients, and acupuncture this year to recover from the flu.

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Are you worried about contracting the flu and need assistance de-stressing, resting easier, and/ or strengthening your immune system? Do you live in Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Parker, Centennial, Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch, Larkspur, Monument, or Castle Rock?

Then please contact us at (303) 688-6898 for a free 15 minute consultation with Dr. Graves on how we can help you prevent the flu or help you treat your sickness.  To schedule an appointment with any of our other providers, call us or go to our online scheduling page.

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