Keeping kids healthy during cold and flu season

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Here are some ways to keep your kids healthy this winter.


1) Keep kids warm and cover their head and necks. Fresh air good, cold kiddos bad!


According to Chinese Medicine, the back of the neck is the place where the elements such as wind, cold and heat can invade and cause colds and flu's making it important to protect kids' heads, ears and necks with hats and hooded jackets.  Warm chilled kids up quickly with blankets or a warm bath


2) Eat plenty of whole foods


Whole foods, like fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, lean meats, eggs and whole grains are packed with nutrients. These nutrients are needed to produce a healthy immune system in kids. It can be hard to get kids to eat veggies so try having them color a color wheel. If they eat different colors from the wheel, they get a star and then eventually a reward. Also remember kid’s diets reflect parent’s diets so if parents don't eat much fruits and veggies then your kids probably won’t want to either.


3) Plenty of rest


Winter is the time of rest and restoration, so making sure kids get plenty of sleep and naps at the first sign of a cold/flu is important in preventing it from turning into an infection that may require antibiotics.


4) Immune boosting supplements daily during fall and winter 


Winter time is when vitamin D levels drop and colds and flu increase. Vitamin D 3 (20 to 25 IU per lb of body weight) helps keep the immune system strong and helps fight of colds and flu. I recommend liquid vitamin D drops that can be added to food or just place on the tongue.


When Probiotics are taking daily, kids get sick less often and less severe. They help produce a healthy immune system. I recommend daily Probiotics (2-10 billion). Ages 0-2 infant Probiotics, ages 2 and above – regular Probiotics. 


Omega-3 fatty acids (100-150mg of DHA a day)- You can get liquid or gel caps at local health food store


Children are growing rapidly, nutrients in our food supply are declining and kids need plenty of vitamins and minerals for proper development. Find a multivitamin that your kids enjoy and is natural. 


5) Treat early using Natural products, 


Treatment should start at first sign of illness, runny nose, fussiness, tiredness, fever, etc.


Eliminate mucous producing foods (i.e. all dairy products) and high sugar foods and sweets until illness has been eliminated.


Use healthy immune system supplements and specific immune boosting formulas such as herbal glycerites from Gaia Kids Herbs and warming vapor chest rub from Gaia Kids Herbs.


6) Great Resources for every parent


An Encyclopedia of Natural Healing for Children and Infants by Mary Bove, ND


Homeopathic Medicine for Children and infants by Dana Ullman


7) If kids get frequently ill consider food allergy testing and elimination


Hidden and delayed food allergies can cause a wide range of symptoms such as frequent colds and illness, asthma, allergies, eczema, behavior problems, digestive problems, etc and need to be investigated to help restore kid’s health.



8) Take kids to doctor if fever is over 102 degrees for prolonged period of time, lethargy, trouble breathing, when your intuition tells you something doesn't seem right. 




If your child suffers from frequent illness, we can help!  Calll us at 303-688-6698 or click HERE for an appointment.




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