4 Natural Remedies for Better Sleep

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The sound of stillness in the air.  The tranquil darkness of the room.  The cozy feel of the bed.  After a long day this picture sounds calming, inviting, and divine, doesn’t it?

Except for some, it can be dreadful. 

While some are drifting off into a peaceful slumber, others find themselves anxiety ridden of when their bodies and minds are going to give in to sleep.  It can be a nerve-wracking experience night after night and one that can be difficult to find relief from.

If you’re experiencing this worry, our guess is your first question is:

What is causing my sleep disturbance?

Over the years, we have noticed that most issues arise from one (or more) of three distinct areas, which are:


Physical – any physical medical ailment that disrupts sleep patterns such as hormonal changes, chronic disease, or chronic pain.

Mental – mental distress such as anxiety, depression, chronic stress, relationship or work challenges, trauma, or grief. 

Environmental/Lifestyle – factors outside of the body such as diet, exercise, alcohol/drug consumption, sleep habits, and sleep environment.

Do any of these areas give insight to what may be the root of your sleep disturbance?  If so, it may help you find the right remedy for better sleep!


Here are 4 Natural Remedies

that may work for you based on the root cause of your sleep disturbance:

1. Acupuncture
Acupuncture can be beneficial to falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer.  And no matter what the root cause, balancing the bodies energy through acupuncture may have a significant impact on getting better sleep. 

2. Supplements
Different naturopathic herbs can have a significant impact on good sleep such as:                       

            GABA: an amino acid that works as a neurotransmitter in the brain calms and relaxes our bodies.
            Melatonin: a hormone in our body that regulates our sleep patterns
            Magnesium & Calcium: minerals that encourages muscle relaxation and production of tryptophan*

*an amino acid that helps make melatonin

3. Holistic Counseling
Addressing your mental and emotional wounds may be key to sleeping better.  If you find your mind can’t shut off, you suffer from excessive worry or sadness, or just feel overwhelmed and stressed, holistic counseling can help you find your way back to balance and calm. 

4. Customized Sleep Habits
Creating your own rituals before bed based on what makes YOU feel comfortable and relaxed may teach your mind and body that it’s time for sleep.  Need some ideas?  Try:

            – meditating in a warm bath with epsom salts
            – writing out your day’s work and any worries or concerns you have
            – a few bites of protein
            – a sleep app with white noise or brain wave sounds

No matter what you try, remember to have patience.  Rewiring our minds and teaching our bodies to prepare for sleep can take some time if we’ve become unbalanced.

Are you experience insomnia or a sleep disturbance and live in Castle Rock, Parker, Highlands Ranch, Centennial, Larkspur, or Colorado Springs?  Contact our office and schedule your free 15 minute phone consultation with Dr. Graves to see how we can help.




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