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Flu Season Supplements

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5 Supplements to Have on Hand …

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Reducing Inflammation

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6 Ways to Reduce Inflammation …

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Weight Loss Resistance

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How stress can impact your weight…

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Natural Medicine: Q and A with Dr. Graves

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Common questions about Natural Medicine…

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What Does a Natural Medicine Office Do?

What is Natural Medicine, What Does a Natural Medicine Office Do, Castle Rock CO

You may have found our natural medicine office because you were looking for acupuncture to treat a condition – a new option to try for a specific issue you were dealing with, a place to find a solution for what

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4 Natural Remedies for Better Sleep

Colorado Natural Medicine, Natural Sleep aid

The sound of stillness in the air.  The tranquil darkness of the room.  The cozy feel of the bed.  After a long day this picture sounds calming, inviting, and divine, doesn’t it? Except for some, it can be dreadful.  While

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Functional Medicine: Why It Could Change Your Life

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Our guess is that you’ve probably experienced it.  You have a health issue that you want to address with your general practitioner so you make an appointment, meet with the doctor, and have a brief consultation on what the symptoms

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