What Does a Natural Medicine Office Do?

What is Natural Medicine, What Does a Natural Medicine Office Do, Castle Rock CO

You may have found our natural medicine office because you were looking for acupuncture to treat a condition – a new option to try for a specific issue you were dealing with, a place to find a solution for what has been ailing you.

What you may not have realized, however, is that you found a new way of treating your body, a new perspective on how to look at your health, and new alternatives that you never knew could actually work.

Did you find that?
Many of our clients are new to naturopathic medicine and we find that discussing what it is and what we do at our office can help bridge the gap between western and eastern philosophies and medicines.

Natural medicine is simply utilizing acupuncture and herbal nutrients (botanicals, natural minerals, diet, etc.) paired with any additional professional therapeutic practices (cupping, massage, counseling, etc.) to analyze, diagnose, prevent, and help restore your best health.

But what does that mean for me?
When you visit our natural medicine office, we look at your health in a holistic manner. This means, we take into consideration your total mental and physical health, any stress and traumatic events, lifestyle, diet, exercise, and much more into discovering the root cause of your condition.

Rather than diagnosing and prescribing, we analyze what is causing your health issue and treat that accordingly. Our goal is to restore your health without the need for synthetic drugs if possible!

Western Medicine (2)

However, we do understand that there is a time and place for western medicine and prescription medication and we are mindful of how we can work together with western medicine and practices to help you.

Can I go to a natural medicine office for issues other than my primary condition being treated?
Yes, we are happy to help you with your health needs!

Doctor Adam Graves Natural Medicine, Colorado Natural Medicine and Acupuncture, Castle Rock

Dr. Graves is a registered naturopathic doctor who has schooling and has practiced in Washington State as a primary care physician.

What does this mean?

He knows BOTH western and eastern medicine and can pair them together beautifully!

This means that even though you may see Dr. Graves for a sleep issue, he can help you when you get a cold, the flu, allergies, etc.

In Washington State, Dr. Graves was even able to write prescriptions, however, Colorado does not allow naturopathic doctors that right. This does show Dr. Graves’ credibility, knowledge, and understanding of synthetic drugs and when to use them.



The concept of having a naturopathic physician who works alongside your western primary care doctor (or, having a naturopathic doctor AS your primary doctor) may be new to Coloradans, but is actually a mindset gaining much popularity and credibility, particularly on the west coast of the United States.

So when do I make an appointment with your naturopathic office versus my primary care physicians office?
This is a great question!

You can always call our office first if you feel more comfortable and we can assist you over the phone in helping you decide between natural medicine and western medicine. If we have therapeutic services and herbal nutrients that can help your condition, it can be as simple as stopping by our office for the supplements or making an acupuncture appointment!

However, we are sensitive to situations that call for western medicine. If tough antibiotics are needed, an x-ray should be performed, or more in-depth tests should be run, it’s always important to rule out serious conditions that western medicine can assist with.

Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions you may have about when to see us versus a primary care physician – we are happy to help!

Do you live in Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Highlands Ranch, Parker, Centennial, LoneTree, Monument, Larkspur, or Colorado Springs and are looking for a naturopathic doctor to provide you guidance and treatment in conjunction with your primary care physician?

We may just be the office you are in search of.

Please call us or click HERE to schedule a free 15 minute consultation to talk with Dr. Graves and see if this new way of understanding your health may be a life saver.


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