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Managing Aches and Pains

Spring 2024, tight muscles, post-exercise soreness, movement and exercise, muscle soreness, DOMS, supplements for muscle recovery, hydration, acupuncture for pain

We welcome spring with the sun shining, birds chirping, and the undeniable urge to get outside. But for many “weekend warriors,” this newfound enthusiasm often collides with the harsh reality of tight muscles and post-exercise soreness. Suddenly, the joy of

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Movement Is Medicine

Movement and exercise, spring 2024, benefits of exercise, exercise and mental health, movement is medicine, functional medicine

Life is movement…

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Holistic Approach to Allergies

allergies, holistic medicine, spring 2024, seasonal allergies, functional medicine, immune system, gut microbiome, desensitization, low-histamine diet, inflammation

Mitigate your allergies this season…

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Spring Cleaning for the Body

Spring 2024, seasonal allergies, histamine, allergens, immune system, inflammation, spring detox, nutrition, nature

You could experience spring differently…

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