Holistic Approach to Allergies

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Spring’s vibrant arrival often brings with it a bittersweet symphony of sniffles, sneezes, and itchy eyes for many. Allergies, while a common affliction, can significantly disrupt our enjoyment of renewal in this season.

Not to worry!

Today, let’s look at a functional approach, inspired by nature’s own wisdom, to manage allergies and reconnect with the rhythm of change.

At Colorado Natural Medicine, we emphasize that allergies stem from an overreaction of the immune system. This can be attributed to two key factors:

  • Excessive Cleanliness: Our modern obsession with sterilization might be creating a disconnect from the natural world. Constant sanitization limits our exposure to diverse microbes, potentially hindering the immune system’s ability to develop appropriate responses to common environmental elements like pollen or dust.
  • Microbiome Disruption: Overuse of antibiotics and other factors can disrupt the gut microbiome, a crucial player in immune regulation. This imbalance may affect how our bodies process and respond to potential allergens.

Instead of simply combating the symptoms, I recommend a more holistic approach that flows with nature’s cycles and supports the body’s innate healing and transformation:

1. Gradual Desensitization: Often allergies require medical intervention – including allergy shots over a period of years, and sometimes over the counter or prescribed allergy medicines.  In some cases, gradual exposure to the allergen in controlled settings can help the body build tolerance over time.

*Always consult a healthcare professional before attempting any desensitization methods.

2. Dietary Shifts: Embracing a low-histamine diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can support proper histamine metabolism and reduce its inflammatory effects.

3. Microbiome Restoration: Probiotics, fermented foods, and prebiotic-rich dietary choices can help rebalance the gut microbiome, fostering a healthier immune response.

4. Histamine Processing Support: Natural therapies like quercetin, vitamin C, and N-acetyl cysteine can potentially aid the body in processing and detoxifying histamine (SOURCE).

5. Managing Inflammation: Other techniques like yoga, meditation, and stress management can help reduce inflammation, a key factor in allergy symptoms.

Allergy management is a lifestyle shift and not just a seasonal fix. By consciously embracing nature’s cycles, nurturing our microbiomes, and supporting our bodies’ inherent resilience, we can transform from simply managing allergies to cultivating a deeper connection with our body and how it relates to the natural world.

If you are looking for ways to mitigate your allergies this season, why not try naturopathic medicine and/ or acupuncture? I would love to talk more about your symptoms to see if we can get to the root cause and create a personalized plan for you. I offer a complimentary call for new patients. Contact me by calling 303-688-6698 or scheduling online.

CNMA uses functional testing, naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, and holistic counseling to serve the greater Denver metro area and Colorado Springs.

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