Swimsuit Anxiety

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Kids wanting to go to the pool?

You’d love a day on the beach?

Can’t wait to get in the water?

Wait…but that means you have to go in public.

In your swimsuit.


Well, we’re here to tell you that thin and skinny is so 1980s and strong and confident is so 2019!

We know that there is high anxiety when summer arrives and swim suit season is here. There is so much to compare ourselves to, and in effect, come down our ourselves for.

Why did I have to eat that extra slice of pizza the other night?

Why haven’t I worked out harder?

Why I am not more disciplined?!

At the core of this, we are afraid. We are afraid to be alone. And if we are not accepted by others and society in fitting a perfect body “mold”, then we may just be alone at the end of the day.  And that’s what can scare us.

So are you ready to debunk society’s view of swimsuit perfection and begin living for you? It’s time to stop demeaning and disliking yourself and start accepting and loving yourself.


Following are five ways we try and do just that.  So tell the kids to grab their towels…you’re getting ready for summer!

5 Ways to Approach Swimsuit Anxiety

  1. Let go of perfection.

You probably see it every day.  Models, actors, singers, etc. – all marketed as having the perfect bodies.  Not an ounce of cellulite, no love handles around the middle, and absolutely zero sagging skin.

So no matter what you do, why don’t you look like that?

Because you are human – without airbrushed touch-ups, tape holding things in place, and oodles of money for surgeries.

Let go of the concept that you can be that way, too.

  1. Accept that happiness doesn’t come from the way we look.

If only we could have fuller and longer hair – so we get extensions. If only we could have less wrinkles – so we get fillers.

If only we could lose more weight – so we starve ourselves on diets. If only…

If only we could be happy and at peace with ourselves no matter our looks.

This concept is a challenging one – especially if you live in modern western civilization.

But start by:

– stopping judging how others look
– share compliments with others as much as possible
– rather than be upset with your body, thank your body for what it does for you
– write out what would really happen if you strutted around the pool in your swimsuit confidently

Taking small steps to overcome this misconception can help us change our perspective and look inward for our happiness.

  1. Focus on health, not just looks.

Just because someone looks skinny doesn’t necessarily mean they are healthy – and vice versa.

Remember this when it comes to the scale and consider:

Are you exercising appropriately?

Is your diet healthy?

Have you been managing your stress levels well?

Are you getting an adequate amount of sleep?

Rather than focusing on just what you are eating (or the lack of), shift your goals to make way for a healthy lifestyle.  Let shedding extra weight be a positive effect of this healthy way of living.

  1. Work with your body rather than against it.

We can have a tendency to push ourselves when it comes losing weight and feeling good in a swimsuit, but that can come at a dangerous cost if we are working against our body (i.e., unwanted stress/high cortisol levels, lack of nutrients, poor sleep, etc.).

So this season, work with your body instead! Specifically, we recommend to:

– stop starving yourself (eat a nutritious diet that is healthy and works for you)
– stop overdoing exercise (incorporate yoga, walking, and HIIT workouts for variety)
– find an activity or sport that encourages movement (great for stress management and for summer fun!)
– get a slim shot at our office (vitamins to support stress, hormone balance, and the liver in ridding extra weight)

Think of your body as a house that needs to be maintained. Clean it regularly and take special care of it!

  1. Be mindful, not degrading, about what you eat.

It’s easy to beat ourselves up over the dessert we shared last night or the extra glass of wine we drank over the weekend, but it’s time to stop demeaning ourselves over the choices we’ve made and start to be mindful of why we did it in the first place and how we can improve next time.

To keep yourself on track and give yourself a break at times we recommend keeping a food journal. If even for one week, you may be surprised at why you ate what you did, the amount you ate, the nutritional value of what you ate, and how you can make positive changes for the future.

Swimsuit season can seem fun and exciting until it’s actually time to put the thing on.  This year, gain perspective rather than fear when it comes to enjoying what the season has to offer.

And if you find this difficult and/or your weight has been stagnant and you live in Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Centennial, Parker, Larkspur, Monument, Colorado Springs, or the Greater Denver Metro area, please don’t hesitate to call us at (303) 688-6698 or schedule a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation with Dr. Graves to talk about your weight.

Start now.  Your lounge chair is waiting for you.

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