Top 10 Stress Busters for Summer

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The sun, the water, the fun. Sounds so relaxing!

But then we soon remember that we may have kids on summer break, the yard needs more attending to, and all kinds of activities need to be planned!

But don’t fret –

we are here to share 10 stress-busters for making this a summer that is refreshing, inspiring, and fun for the entire family without all the stress!

As summer is quickly approaching, it’s a good idea to put a loose plan in place to how you’re going to enjoy it. Remember…it’s a time for you to rest and recharge just as much as it is to get out and savor!

So let’s get started!

10 Stress-Busters for Recharging Yourself AND Your Family This Summer

  1.  Make a Family Summer Bucket List.  Summer activities and travel can seem endless – until it comes to your energy and budget. Before school ends, take an evening to talk with the family about what everyone wants to do over the summer.Is it to learn a new sport?  Try some new hiking trails? Maybe read certain books?

    Whatever it is, allow each family member to share a few things and decide as a family what your plan can be to cover at least one wish for each person.  This can lessen the stress of trying to do everything and make everyone happy as well as save your pocketbook.

  2. Plan Your Meals.

Don’t get caught wondering what the kids are going to search for for breakfast or what you are going to make for dinner – this causes too much stress!

Write out your menu for most of the week, your grocery list, and any must-dos.  In addition, schedule one day a week to grill, cook, and chop so your refrigerator is stocked for the week.

  1. Teach Your Children Independence.

They may be out of school, but that doesn’t mean the learning has to stop.

Use the summer as a way to help your children become more independent.  Think about ways they can begin to help themselves and still be safe, such as:

            – meal planning with the family

            – making their own breakfast (provide a few options)

            – setting the table, cleaning the dishes

            – raking the yard

            – fold their clothes

in addition to other real-life responsibilities that kids can easily learn.

  1. Schedule Quiet Time.

Your house doesn’t need to be rockin’ every minute of the day.  It’s good for everyone to have some personal quiet time and it can be precious to your sanity!

Consider scheduling quiet time most days that can include time in the afternoon for:

            – reading

            – napping

            – puzzles

            – writing

            – watching a movie

            – enjoying a cool lemonade

and in the evening for:

            – cooking and enjoying your meal

            – meditation

            – reading

            – listening to music

            – sitting outside, watching the sunset

  1. Slow Down.

You do not have to do EVERYTHING. Let us say that again, you do not have to do EVERYTHING!

Throughout much of the rest of the world, summer is spent resting, relaxing, and relishing in the warm weather and sunny skies. We can take inspiration from this and do the same!

Take this summer to plan some rest and relaxation time.  Maybe this is a weekend getaway, time at the pool, or even just evenings to sit outside and think.

  1. Connect with Nature.

Also known as “forest bathing,” connecting with nature can easily be forgotten about.  There can be much healing and grounding when it comes to spending time outdoors, especially in natural environments.

Consider taking off your shoes and walking barefoot in the yard, soaking your feet in the stream, or laying down on the grass.

Analyze how you feel when your body is actually touching the ground.

  1. Take Supplements.

If you find yourself either exhausted or overly energized, take care of your adrenal glands with a daily supplement.

We recommend:

Adrenal Response® from Innate Response Formulas (start with one at breakfast and increase to an additional one at dinner if needed)

CBD Oil (without the effect of THC, CBD can calm you when stress hits without unwanted side effects)

Lavela WS 1265™ by Integrative Therapeutics (take before your day becomes stressful or at any time when it is for quick calm)

If you think your day may be stressful or find that it suddenly is, make sure you have options on hand to help you manage it properly.

  1. Schedule Acupuncture.

If you find yourself with a busy schedule this summer, you may want to consider scheduling some stress-reducing acupuncture appointments to keep your nervous system in check.

Acupuncture can be an excellent way to rebalance your mind and body when things seem off – and we all know that stress can do that to us!

Schedule an appointment when things seem to be spiraling or put one appointment on the calendar per month throughout the summer so you know you have a self-care program in place.

  1. Recharge the Family Appropriately.

Everyone wants to have fun over the summer, but that can mean different things for different members of the family.

Try to plan activities that allow kids to exercise and get energy out while as a parent, you can relax.

We love days at the pool, park, and beaches where we can enjoy watching the kids frolic in the sun while we can lay back and get in some much needed rest.

  1. Stop Doing What Everyone Thinks You Should Be Doing.

Yes, we mean you, perfect Pinterest Party!

Stop stressing over trying to make the summer perfect and make it authentic for you and your family. It’s okay if your children’s party isn’t an Instagram replica.  You just being there, loving them, and celebrating them is enough!

Are you ready for summer now? We know we are!

If you find yourself stressing this summer and you live in Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Parker, Larkspur, Monument, Colorado Springs, or the Greater Denver Metro area, please call us at (303) 688-6698 to schedule an acupuncture appointment or click here to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation with Dr. Graves to discuss your stress further.

Make this a summer you want just as much as your family.

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