Slim Shot: Increased Energy and Natural Weight Loss

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Free consultation:  Dr. Graves and our Nutritionist, Andrea White, offer 15 minute phone consultations for free.  We would be happy to briefly discuss Slim Shot to find out if it might be the right fit for you.

Are you or is someone you love feeling chronically tired, sluggish, and struggling with ongoing weight gain?  A simple, quick, series of injections could be the answer to a better quality of life.

The effect of high stress levels on the liver can be very damaging.  Often, it's difficult or even impossible for many people to bounce back without the help of a natural practitioner's support. 

Slim shot is one of our injection therapy options for patients who need liver-supporting nutrients.  It's basically a vitamin injected to help the liver burn fat more effectively.  The root benefits can include stronger fat metabolism and better hormone balance.  These benefits often result in boosted energy levels, stress reduction, and weight loss.

How does Slim Shot work?
Ideally, our recommendation is 1 shot per week for 8 weeks.  After the 8 week time period, we then re-evaluate to make sure this approach is the best fit for our patients and that they are losing weight as expected. 

What results can I expect?
Some patients notice an immediate increase in natural, sustained energy.  For others who have been under stress for years, the results are more subtle and increase slowing over time as their body rebuilds key nutrients.

Regarding weight loss, while we advocate for diet and movement changes, even patients making no lifestyle changes have reported losing 5 pounds per month which can add up quickly to 60 pounds in a year.

We have found that the Slim Shot injection therapy approach works the best for patients who have been under stress for a length of time, severely depleting  nutrients that directly affect key liver functions.  If you have noticed a distinct lack of energy over a period of time, then Slim Shot injections may be just the boost you need!

What is in the Slim Shot?
Liver specific vitamins and nutrients which include B-1, B-2, B-3, B-5, B-6, B-12, Vitamin C, high potency hydroxycbalamin, methionine, choline, inositol, and lidocaine.

How is Slim Shot different from B-12 Injections?
Slim Shot includes a boosted dosage of B-12 along with other liver supporting nutrients.  In this way, Slim Shot offers both the increased energy benefits of a B-12 (a.k.a cobalamin) injection while also offering liver support / detoxifying benefits.

Can I opt for an oral form of the Slim Shot?
No.  The Slim Shot is purposefully an injection styled therapy for high quality results.  An oral form is not available because the potency would be lost too much in the digestive process.

People often forget that weight gain is only a symptom.  One of the core principles of naturopathic medicine is that we are here to identify the root cause of our patients health concerns so that we can remove obstacles thus building up the patients inherent ability to self-heal.   And, Slim Shot is one of the ways we can restore balance from within.

You might not even be aware that your liver is struggling or damaged.  Maybe you've only noticed that you just don't do many of the things you use to enjoy.  You might be brushing it off thinking it's just age, new responsibilities, life changes.  You may even think that the weight gain you're experiencing is why you don't have energy, when in actuality, it's the opposite! 

What if you had that energy back again?  Low energy levels can be due to a majority of root health issues, but liver function is one of the big ones. 

Month after month, year after year of high stress levels can create low energy and low energy often leads to diet faults.  Fortunately, our bodies have an amazing self-healing process that is both ordered and intelligent. 

Colorado Natural Medicine and Acupuncture is here to help support you as you restore your health.  Make an appointment with us today by phone 303.688.6698  or by setting up an appointment via our online scheduling program.  Find out if our Slim Shot injection therapy should be part of your health protocol.

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