B12 Shots: Energy, Mood, Weight Loss Boost

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Has someone been slipping you decaffeinated coffee lately?  If your java has been lacking it’s kick, your mojo is off, your motivation levels are hibernating, your inner ninja has retired … there is a strong chance that your body is craving B12!

Long-term, B12 deficiency can cause serious complications both neuropsychiatric and hematological.¹

That’s a fancy way of saying that your brain and your blood need B12 to function at full capacity.  And, even if your diet is full of liver, clams, tuna, and trout … chances are that your body isn’t absorbing that B12 correctly.  That goes for supplements too.  If you are feeling consistently run down, your body is asking for a different option to get that critical B12!

B12 shots, also known as B12 injection therapy, has been used for years as an energy / immune system enhancer.  This intramuscular injection has  also been shown as beneficial for a number of other ailments including:
• Chronic Fatigue/Adrenal Fatigue
• MS
• Food-Cobalamin Malabsorption Syndrome
• Pernicious Anemia
• Heart Disease
• Sleep Disorders
• Crohn’s Disease
• Alzheimer’s Disease
• Diabetes
• Sleep Disorders
• Depression
• IBS (Inflammatory Bowel Disease)
• Asthma / Allergies
• Osteoporosis

Why do I need B12 shots?
Your body doesn’t produce B-12.  It’s found in foods but the majority of people don’t eat enough of those foods or, and this is the more common issue, their body can’t absorb it.  Absorption problems can come from a variety of issues including stress, aging, pollutants, alcohol, and a range of digestive issues.

What is Vitamin B12?
B-12, or Cobalamin, is one of eight B vitamins that is responsible for healthy brain function, nerve tissue, and red blood cells.  It is a complex vitamin and along with the other B vitamins, it converts food into fuel, creating energy.  That’s why people with B-12 deficiencies tend to have chronic fatigue or report feeling sluggish, lethargic, foggy.

What do B12 shots cost?
We offer a package of 4 shots for $140.  That’s only $35 each!  Chances are that amount is less than your last supplement purchase of wellness formulas.  That price is less than 8 cups of coffee shop lattes and, the best part, B12 shots don’t have that caffeine edginess of coffee.  You’ll feel a sustained, steady, buzz of vitality instead.

Can I just take an oral B12 tablet?
Yes, oral options are available but the benefits will be substantially decreased.  Injection therapy works because it improves your body’s natural ability to absorb and use B-12.  In addition, with a B-12 shot, the B-12 is not diluted by your digestive system.

Will B12 shots help me lose weight?
B-12 is known to increase energy levels and that can increase metabolism.  Having more energy and feeling better can have the benefit of weight loss.  However, if weight loss is your goal, our Slim Shot injection therapy is going to be a better route for you.

Low energy levels over a period of time can be a warning sign for a number of serious health issues.  Recent associations between oxidative stress and B-12 deficiency have been shown to effect everything from inflammation to memory retention and is being implicated in a variety of degenerative diseases.

Whether you are looking for an immediate energy boost during a stressful time or are looking to rebuild your health from years of stress build-up, Colorado Natural Medicine and our naturopathic team will be here for you.

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¹ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC490077/