3 Learnings from 2022

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As we get ready to ring in the new year, we can’t help but look back at 2022 and reflect on experiences we’ve had, goals we’ve worked towards, and perspectives we’ve gained.

Gathered in our office, we shared our reflections and reminisced about a year that was both challenging and joyful.  Following, we share three learnings as a way to honor the past and welcome the future.

Learning #1: In some way or another, many people are struggling.

Although it doesn’t consist of everyone, we have found that coming out of a pandemic has exposed difficulties many are dealing with and for just cause.

Our world went through two years of isolation and trauma in which we slowly peeked our heads out and began resuming normal activities this past year; but it wasn’t easy for everyone.  Some found themselves confused by what was right for them and their family, some were infected with COVID, and some were (and maybe still are) hesitant to revive life as it once was.

It has been a bit like navigating a ship towards the shore in the dark without a lighthouse to guide the way.

These difficulties, in addition to many other issues that may have been kept inside (such as pain, sleep problems, weight gain, digestive upset, hormone imbalance, mood irritability, fatigue, and/or an overall lack of feeling like oneself), may have been exacerbated by stress from the pandemic and/or from pushing aside dealing with such concerns for a long period of time.

A good deal of our work this past year has been helping others get their health back on track post-COVID in which we understand these matters and treat them with care and respect.  So if you find yourself struggling, know that you are not alone and that CNMA is here for you.

Learning #2: Sickness is more intense post-COVID.

All that isolation and mask wearing?  They protected many from exposure to COVID and some viruses (such as colds and flus).  While this may have been a welcome safety precaution and reprieve, it may have also weakened immune systems.

Catching colds and flus is not fun, but it keeps the immune system functioning at a more optimal level.  Without exposure, immunity can weaken in which now that precautions are more relaxed, some are finding themselves sick more often and/or with more intense illness.

The good news?

These sicknesses can get the immune system back on track.  As we learn to live with viruses (including COVID), our immunity can strengthen in order to fight them optimally.

Learning #3: Despite what is perceived (from the media, mostly), there is much love and kindness in the world.

Yes, the world is divided in many ways and the media tends to pounce on this notion.  But that doesn’t define everyone nor does it properly represent what we see and experience much of the time.

Regardless of position on a topic, we have observed how we can live together peacefully.  Practicing compassion, lending a hand, showing respect, and expressing gratitude are all loving and kind ways of living that we see often in our community that cultivate hope and joy.

And that, friends…is something that feeds our souls.

What have you learned in 2022 about yourself, your community, and the world as a whole?

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