Healthy Holiday Travel Tips

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Traveling by sleigh, uhhh…we mean train, plane, or automobile this holiday season and dreading the stress and the good possibility of catching something along the way?

Well, get ready to deck the halls this year because we have some holistic tips to keep you and your family happy and healthy!

During the holidays, stress is high enough without traveling, but when we add on packing everyone’s suitcases, the disruption in sleep, the different foods and beverages, as well as all the other people dealing with the same things, our nervous and immune systems can get out of whack while we just try to see our friends and family.

That’s why we want to share some helpful tips to keep the eggnog cheer and snowball fights going strong!

Here are our tips for healthy holiday travel!

The Basics
It’s easy to forget the basics when traveling, but don’t forget the importance they hold!

First and foremost, remember to:

– hydrate all day (especially if you are traveling by plane)

– get adequate sleep: use 1-3 mg melatonin if trouble sleeping for adults and .5 mg
liquid melatonin for kids

– wash your hands with soap frequently

– consume plenty of fruits and vegetables

Ok, so we know about these things, but what else can we do to make our holiday travel a little more jolly?

Immune Tips
Worried about that person coughing in the seat behind you? How about those gas station pump handles? Or even just a trip into the local mall?

Armor yourself and your family with strong immune systems by:

–  Using a Flu Bomb (for both adults and kids): a liquid roll-on with high grade essential oils of frankincense, clove, OnGuard Immunity Blend, oregano, tea tree, lemon, and fractionated coconut oil.  Place under the nose, on the back of the neck, or on the bottom of your feet.

–  Taking a Daily Probiotic: 20-50 billion per day

–  Taking a Daily Vitamin D Complex: 2,000-5,000 mg of Vitamin D3 with the addition of Vitamins A, K, and E

–  Taking Mountain Peak Nutritionals® Acute Immune™: 2 per day on travel days, when around anyone who is sick, or at the first sign of sickness yourself

–  If soap and water are not available to wash your hands, use anti-bacterial liquid (it’s not as ideal as soap and water, but is better than nothing!)

–  Sip on Bone Broth: aim for a glass a day of homemade or powder form around travel time

–  Lower Sugar and Carb intake: keep the body insulin sensitive to fight off germs

Now, we can easily pick up germs everywhere but what is one big reason why our immune systems may be sluggish this time of year?


Stress Tipshow to stay healthy when traveling, holiday health travel tips, colorado natural medicine and acupuncture
The kids are whining in the car, the plane has been delayed, and your mother doesn’t care for the outfit you are wearing.

The stress just keeps piling up sometimes!

Although we can’t banish all stress, we can get prepared to deal with it when it comes on.

The next time your holiday travel makes you want to scream, try:

–  Taking Integrative Therapuetics® Lavela WS1265™:  dense lavender oil in pill form, this calming supplement can take the edge off within minutes.  With no side-effects (other than a lavender taste), this can be the perfect support when your nerves need soothing or you are having trouble relaxing enough to sleep.

–  Taking Innate® Adrenal Response™: this supplement of adaptogen herbs keeps cortisol levels even, which is key if your emotions get high and you can’t seem to slow down.  Start now with one a day and continue with one in the morning and one before bed if need be.

–  Taking CBD Oil: For immediate calm and relaxation, CBD oil can bring your stress down quickly.  For answers to many CBD questions, click here.

–  Scheduling Acupuncture Before and After: get your system calmed before travel even starts with acupuncture and/or cupping.  Make sure to follow up with an appointment after travel to balance your system from the holiday stress.

–  Meditating: download a meditation app and bring along your headphones. When you’re about to lose it, tune others out and meditate for 6-8 minutes to bring your blood pressure and cortisol levels down – even if taking a trip to the bathroom is your excuse!

–  Taking Time for Yourself: you may find yourself around others 24/7 when traveling, so make sure you have a plan for some peace and quiet for yourself. Don’t worry – you’ll be more fun at the festivities when you are rested and calm.  Aim for at least 15 – 30 minute per day where you can meditate, read, go for a walk, or just gather your thoughts (even if that’s just a walk down the airport concourse by yourself!).

–  Keep Things in Perspective: a quiet house full of kids and everyone getting along perfectly?  Congratulations if you’re one of the lucky ones that gets to enjoy this! For most of us, the kids are bouncing around loud and excited and the holidays can go by in a blur due to all of the activities!  When things get a bit out of hand, try to keep yourself in a light mood and not take the extra stress too serious. Join them in the excitement!

If you live in Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Centennial, Parker, Larkspur, Monument, Colorado Springs, or the Greater Denver Metro Area and would like to purchase any of these supplements or talk further with Dr. Graves, please contact our office at (303) 688-6698 or schedule online here for a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation.

Let’s make sure your sleigh ride is happy and healthy this year!

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