Reset After Holiday Eating

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The sweet and creamy coffees and eggnog.
The rich and decadent family meals.
The sugary cookies and pies. 

What would the holidays be without some of these traditions?  Well, healthy maybe, but not as much fun!

Many of our holiday traditions revolve around food; they can be an important part of both culture and community.

This year, don’t feel guilty for enjoying an afternoon baking cookies with the kids (with some taste testing!), having an extra helping of the family’s special casserole, or adding a little whipped cream to that peppermint latte.

With these 5 ways to reset, you can get back on track after holiday indulgences! 


First and foremost, start with hydration.

On any typical day, I recommend drinking at least your weight in ounces plus another 8 ounces after exercise.

During the holidays, add more!

Not only can hydration help relieve bloating and increase energy, but it is essential for the body to eliminate harmful additives, chemicals, flavorings, sugars, and cholesterol.

And, without enough hydration to bind excrement, other support you may give your body (such as numbers 2-5 below) can cause constipation.

A cup of warm water with lemon, fruit-infused sparkling water, or herbal teas can all be great ways to add more hydration throughout the season.


Fiber is needed to bind excrement for elimination – exactly what is needed after a decadent meal.

Fibrous foods such as:

– raspberries

– pears

– apples

– oranges

– peas

– broccoli

– Brussel sprouts

– potatoes with skin

– whole wheat grains such as spaghetti and bread

– barley

– oat bran

– quinoa

and many others, are stellar ways to increase fiber intake.

For extra support, try fiber supplements such as powders that can be added to water.  Just remember to start off small with the option of increasing every few days until stool elimination is regular.

3. MOVE.

Movement stimulates the digestion system and can encourage you to poop!

Walking, hiking, snowshoeing, running, and yoga are all great winter activities that can get the body moving as well as the bowels.


The liver is vital to proper detox from over-indulgence.  It releases bile that helps break down fats and sugars and encourages elimination.

Both food and supplements can be helpful for this process.

Try adding food and beverages such as:

– coffee

– green tea

– greens such as dandelion greens, kale, and collard greens

– avocado

– beets

– broccoli

– grapefruit

– watermelon

– grapes

– nuts

– garlic

In addition, supplements such as:

– milk thistle

– liver detox tea

– Liver C™ by Mountain Peak Nutritionals (available at our office)

can also support the liver.


Give your system a break and encourage an entire body reset with an intermittent fast.

A common way to do this is to eat within an 8 hour period and fast for the other 16.  For example, this can be done by finishing dinner by 7:00pm and then not eating until 11:00am the next day.

Intermittent fasting can be a regular part of your weekly diet or just on a Monday after an abnormally heavy weekend of eating!

The holidays can still be filled with your favorite dishes and extra delights as long as the body has support to properly digest and eliminate.  So go ahead and toast that eggnog – just be mindful of how to care for your body after!



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