Grateful & 2020

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Well, it certainly hasn’t been an easy year. 

However, it has been life changing…
and we’re grateful for many of the shifts. 

We’re taking a look back at the trials of this past year and the gifts those challenges have provided us.  2020 has given us opportunity to reflect, learn, and grow and we don’t take that for granted.

Sure, the change has been uncomfortable at times, to say the least, but it’s part of life.  Adjusting to things that seem out of our control has been part of humanity since its conception and continues to be.  It’s simply part of being human.

That being said, here are 20 things we are grateful for from 2020!

  1. The increased focus on striving for optimal health (hello, immune system). 
  1. Being forced to slow down (a good thing for many of us). 
  1. Adjusting priorities (reflecting on what is truly important and what can wait).
  1. Finding the voice to say no to low priorities, relationships, or events. 
  1. Learning to simplify. 
  1. Cooking more. 
  1. Recognizing who and what “fills our bucket.” 
  1. Trying new things due to social distancing (such as online music and art classes, new hobbies such as horseback riding and paddle boarding, discovering more hiking trails, takeout from restaurants we’ve always wanted to try).
  1. Having to get creative (we’re looking at you socially distant holidays, birthdays, and celebrations).
  1. Recognizing where we could learn more (nothing shows you what you don’t know until you are asked to teach your kids).
  1. Acknowledging that it’s okay not to be okay. 
  1. Living in Colorado (where we can social distance outdoors and enjoy the beauty of what surrounds us).
  1. Knowing that we can do hard things together and alone.
  1. Connecting more with long-distance relatives and friends (thank you, Zoom!).
  1. Realizing that we may not be able to control our environment and those around us, but we can control our reactions. 
  1. The tools and resources to get through tough times (yes, we mean things such as acupuncture, massage, supplements, and counseling).
  1. Finding more purpose (discovering opportunities to help neighbors, play with our kids, and be there for those in need).
  1. Being grateful for what is (rather than being upset for what isn’t). 
  1. Puzzles, cards, board games, coloring books (another game of Clue, anyone?) 
  1. Our naturopathic community (being able to connect with, inspire, learn from, and help others).

So that’s our 20 from 2020.  If you find yourself with a few extra minutes over the next couple of days, think about what 20 things you are grateful for from this past year.  Pass on the negativity and be thankful for the learning and growth we’ve all received.

Because remember…2021 is just around the corner!

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