Reflections from 2021

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3 Reflections from 2021 by Dr. Graves

As we get ready to countdown to the new year, we’re taking time to reflect on this past one.

It’s been filled with joys, learnings, triumphs, and growth – and like every other year, there are specific takeaways our office carries along to the future.

Here are 3 reflections from 2021 that Dr. Graves is taking into the next go around the sun.

  1. Be Your Own Health Advocate.

Over the past 12 months, Dr. Graves has seen an increase in healthcare system breakdowns.  COVID has taken a toll on both staff and the system as a whole in which effects are being felt.

This is leading to more and more clients taking control of their healthcare and becoming their own advocate.

While we may not be able to choose our healthcare system, we do have the ability to make choices that impact our daily lives such as:

  • finding a doctor that is the right fit 
  • getting a second opinion (especially when a diagnosis doesn’t feel right)
  • utilizing both naturopathic and traditional western medicine
  • supporting health with our lifestyle choices

Bottom line…if you aren’t being listened to or getting the care you need, research and seek out others.

  1. The Pandemic May Be an Endemic Someday.

What’s the difference between the two?

It mostly involves the number of cases and how the world or a geographic region is affected.

A pandemic has exponential numbers of cases worldwide.

An endemic doesn’t mean the virus goes away, but rather cases rise and spike in only some areas of the globe and humans adapt to living with it long-term.

Medications to treat viruses help control outcomes, allowing “hosts” (a human body) to survive past the virus.  This leads to possible virus mutations for their survival.

However, viruses typically get weaker as they mutate (although, this isn’t guaranteed).  They may become more infectious to find more hosts, but rarely do they grow more serious.

Will this happen with COVID?  We don’t know right now.  But if it does, it may just shift this pandemic to an endemic.

*Please note that information is consistently changing and CNMA is making no claims that COVID-19 will become weaker and that COVID-19 is, or will absolutely become, an endemic.

  1. Our Environment Impacts Our Mental Health…and Vice Versa.

Faced with environmental changes such as not seeing friends and family like we once did, adaptations in doing the things we normally love to do, and even intense political discord, can deeply affect our mental health…and this past year proves it for many.

It’s not uncommon to feel burn out, frustration, anxiety, and chronic stress due to environmental issues we are dealing with everyday.

In shifting focus, however, we can control much of the environment we choose to live.  Such ways can be:

Much of our environments are what we choose to create…what do you want yours to look like?

Wrapping up 2021 we feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude to our clients, staff, and naturopathic medicine overall.  We continue to build a loving and kind community focused on healthy living and positive wellbeing that makes a difference in each individual’s life.  And that, is a year we are proud of.


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