Naturopathic Help for Pain

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Pain. It’s a debilitating word – both emotionally and physically.

It can slowly creep up and become chronic for years or it can hit you acutely and be intense. It can keep you from performing life’s daily duties and push your hobbies to the side. It can take the joy out of life and put you on a path to anxiety, depression, and even addiction.

No matter how you are experiencing physical pain, it’s effect on your life can be devastating, which makes pain management essential in living a full life.

But what are your options?

Many traditional western doctors prescribe pain killers and/or surgery as the only ways to feeling better and physical therapists work to strengthen muscles, but you may be surprised at the variety of naturopathic alternatives there are to controlling pain and finding relief.

Rather than reaching for a prescription that may not work after a while or is causing an addiction, naturopathic options can be a welcomed option. When pain is controlled, so many areas of the body and mind can be restored such as sleep, exercise, mental health, and stress-relief.

Interested in learning how?

Types of Pain & Naturopathic Options

First, it’s important to understand the different types of pain. Dr. Graves most commonly treats musculoskeletal and bone pain.

Musculoskeletal pain revolves around muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments and can be typically experienced with and/or from:

– tight muscles
– low movement
– low flexibility
– past injuries

This pain is frequently seen in the neck, back, and hips, although it can also cause tennis elbow and other muscle-type pain generally experienced beginning in your 40s or 50s. It can be chronic or acute.

Naturopathic options for treating musculoskeletal pain focus on the flexibility and stretching of the muscle and include:

– acupuncture

– cupping

– trigger point therapy such as injections of B12, traumeel, and procane (procane numbs an area for 30 minutes to reset the muscle)

– low-impact movement such as yoga

Although musculoskeletal pain can include bones, Dr. Graves treats some bone pain differently.

Those who have pain in fingers and knees and/or suffer from arthritis or fibromyalgia, are many times afflicted with inflammation that has developed over years and usually is experienced in your 60s or later. This type of pain can require specific supplements to ease inflammation and bring dexterity back.

This can include:

– acupuncture

– Curmaval: (2) 2 gram supplements twice daily for one week and then (1) 1 gram supplement twice a day thereafter

CBD Oil: 25 mg 4 times a day in pill or tincture

– CBD Cream: twice a day for a week to calm pain and inflammation and as needed thereafter

– low-impact movement such as walking or yoga

in addition to personalized supplement or therapy options based on the area and type of pain you are experiencing.

Simply put…pain is a pain!

It can take a toll on everything from brushing your teeth to hiking your favorite trail, but hope may be just a call away.

If you live in Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch, Centennial, Parker, Larkspur, Monument, Colorado Springs, or the greater Denver metro area and are seeking naturopathic pain management options, please call us at (303) 688-6698 or click here to schedule a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation with Dr. Graves to talk about your pain and to learn how we may be able to help.

Don’t let pain dictate your life any longer. We’re here to help you find new ways.

Virtual Appointments are Available

We offer virtual appointments for some of our services and we can mail supplements directly to your home.


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