Rachel Gordon

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Rachel Gordon

Living a life full of love and light is not only the mantra of Rachel Gordon’s own personal mindset, but one that she strives to share with others through her holistic counseling practice.

“There is therapeutic healing in philosophies that are loving and kind.  I have seen it first hand and am dedicating my life’s work to providing others with new perspectives and tools to ease their suffering and better their lives.”

Even though she is not a practicing Buddhist, Rachel has invested her educational and professional career in combining Buddhist theories and thoughts with modern day psychology– making way for a fresh, real-life solutions-based therapy.

Through these practical yet life-changing philosophies, Rachel has experienced her own revolution in attaining authentic happiness and now takes an integrative, holistic approach to helping clients understand suffering, where it comes from, and how to process it in healthy ways.

The foundation of her work includes a comprehensive analysis of an individual’s overall life experiences and lifestyle.  Taking into account such aspects as physical health, work/life balance, diet, relationships, mental well-being, and spiritual connection, she provides creative ideas and simple mind-sets for making big changes in life.  Through such areas as yoga, meditation, individual, couple, and group counseling she helps clients transform what has happened to them into opportunities for personal growth.

“Suffering is not something to try to escape from, but rather to learn and grow from.  A slight change in perspective can make all the difference in our desire for happiness and contentment.  It is my goal to help clients integrate new perspectives into daily life and find their own inner-peace because of it.”

Rachel received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Pennsylvania, Masters of Education at Harvard University, Masters of Arts at the University of Denver, and is completing her PhD at the University of Colorado.  She is a registered psychotherapist and a Licensed Professional Counselor candidate.  Don’t be surprised if you see her enjoying a little caffeine and a sour gummy once in a while with her sweet pup Mowgli by her side.

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