Buddhist Psychology

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What is Buddhist Psychology?
For those seeking a fresh alternative to traditional western counseling, Buddhist Psychology is a holistic approach to mental health and wellness that takes centuries-old philosophies and integrates them into modern life. 

As much as we may want to escape pain, it is inevitable. No matter what we do to run from it or ignore it, it follows.  And how does western medicine typically deal with it?  Many times with prescription medication or drawn out therapy sessions that only consist of analyzing the brain.

However, pain doesn’t necessarily need these things to be processed.

A clear and realistic perspective on what to do when we encounter pain and how to instill meaning in our lives because of it can be a profound revolution in an individual’s life.  Buddhist Psychology is dedicated to inspiring this new way to view life for inner-peace and happiness.

This type of psychology focuses on concepts such as:

            – Living in the Present 

            – Feeling our Feelings 

            – Learning to Live from Love not Fear 

            – Understanding and Giving Meaning to Change 

            – Unbecoming What We’ve Become 

            – Exploring the Mind/Ego and It’s Relationship With Who We Truly Are 

            – Practicing Mindfulness 

            – Finding the Authentic Happiness Within Us 

            – Discovering Self-Acceptance and Self-Love

as well as other applicable Eastern philosophies that promote learning and growth.

How does it work?
This integrative approach views an individual’s entire life experiences and lifestyle as a whole organism and analyzes this organism on three levels:

– Physical Well-Being: sleep, exercise, nutrition, vitamins, addictions, disease/illness

– Mental Health: stress/self-care, relationships, work life, children, past trauma/abuse, grief

– Spiritual Connection: relationship to faith and thoughts on the Divine

From here, each individual receives a unique therapy program intertwining healing techniques based on this three-pronged approach. 

Specifically, a combination of techniques such as:
– yoga
– mediation
– mindfulness
– talk therapy

encourage a new way to relate to thoughts and feelings, allowing an individual to bring meaning to their past and live fully in the present.

Rachel Gordon, our Buddhist Psychologist at CNMA, works with each client individually to create customized therapy sessions in a comforting and safe environment conducive to “A Ha!” learning moments and many times, healing laughter.  Everything from contemplative meditation to walks in the sunshine are part of her repertoire for bringing this perspective to light.

What if I am not a Buddhist?
You do not have to be a practicing Buddhist to reap the benefits of the philosophy enveloping love and light!

Over the years, Rachel has found that these life perspectives and techniques complement other religions beautifully – including Christianity as well as agnostic views.  And she knows it first hand – she’s not a practicing Buddhist herself.

Buddhist Psychology holistic counseling sessions provide an all-encompassing approach to inner-peace; they are not designed to convert clients to a certain religion.

How do I see if this is for me?
Rachel offers a complimentary 15 minute one-on-one session by phone to discuss questions and build trust and comfort.  During this initial session, we encourage you to honestly share what you are feeling and dealing with.  From there, Rachel will work to create a path towards healing and happiness, uniquely designed for you.

Additional Buddhist Psychology sessions start at $125 per hour.

If you are ready to heal your pain and discover inner-peace for a life filled with light and love, please contact us at (303) 688-6698 to schedule an appointment with Rachel.