Natural Preparations for the Coronavirus

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Starting to get a bit anxious about the potential spread of the coronavirus? 

It’s okay, if so.  Some of our clients are and we understand the questions and concerns that go along with the potential local transmission of this illness.

While we are still learning more about this virus everyday (and what we think we know now could easily change), Dr. Graves has some recommendations for being prepared in case it does hit close to home.

  1. Don’t Panic.
    We are all in this together and our goal is to not spread it to others if we do find ourselves coming down with something (especially to those who are elderly, have a compromised immune system or existing health condition, and those in health care).
  1. Quarantine Yourself and Family and CALL FIRST!
    It’s important that we are mindful of not only the impact the coronavirus can have on our own health, but on others as well (health care workers, grocery store clerks, neighbors, etc.).

If you show any signs of the virus or of any other illness, first and foremost, quarantine yourself and any others in your household that may have been exposed.  DO NOT PUSH THROUGH.

You may want to run to the ER or your doctor’s office, and in cases of emergency that is necessary, but before going in, make sure you or someone else calls the emergency room or doctor’s office if at all possible to notify them that you may be coming in.

It’s crucial that they are prepared for when you arrive.  Do not just show up and walk in unless it is an emergency!

  1. Have Food on Hand.
    In case you do need to be quarantined, a trip to the grocery store isn’t a good idea.  Have enough non-perishable items such as soups, frozen fruits and vegetables, pasta, rice, etc. to last 1-2 weeks while you are at home.

You can also start freezing leftovers or make an extra batch of soup on the weekend to freeze.  Recipes with mushrooms, garlic, and ginger as well as fermented foods can be good immune boosters.

  1. Fill Your Medicine Cabinet.
    Having anti-virals and immune boosting options on hand if you do come down with symptoms can make a big difference.

Dr. Graves recommends including the following in your medicine cabinet to prepare:

            – Acute Immune™ by Mountain Peak Nutritionals® (take 2 everyday every 4-6 hours for 2-3 days and 2 twice a day after that)

            – ViraCon by Vital Nutrients

            – Elderberry Syrup (an anti-viral)

            – Zinc Lozenges (take at first sign of a scratchy throat as it can slow the virus from reproducing)

            – Probiotics

            – Vitamin D

            – NyQuil or other cold/flu over-the-counter medicine

            – at least a 2 weeks supply of any medications that you take

In addition, extra tissue, toilet paper, soap, and cleaning products can be helpful.

Keep in mind that kids can also take supplements and children forms of over-the-counter medication.  Ask Dr. Graves about individualized dosages.

  1. Have a Plan.
    If you have to self-quarantine yourself and your family or if your child’s school is closed or work is cancelled, what’s your plan?

Do you have child care options available or are you able to take off work or work from home?

If you have an elderly relative that you help, who can step in and assist if needed?

Looking for a few more options?

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And remember…as you continue to prepare – keep calm and wash your hands!

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