Meal Prep Tips

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Meal prep tips

Preparing healthy meals ahead of time can play a major role in sticking to a healthy diet, but actually doing it can seem overwhelming.

This is why we are sharing 5 simple ideas for meal prep that can:

save us thyme, turnip our health, and help us find inner-peas with what we eat!

So start out by writing out your menu for the week and make your list.

Pick a day and time to not only shop for what you need but also chop and prepare (keep in mind these may need to be different days).

Then, get to work and enjoy your efforts throughout the week!

What should you prep?

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Soups and stews

Low-sodium, homemade soups or stews can be healthy and filling meals that are also easy to stock and freeze.

Check out some of these for inspiration:

Make your own salad

Easy-to-reach for salads are a great way to incorporate a variety of vegetables with a protein.

Chop up the family’s favorite veggies and place in separate containers (make sure to include a container of clean greens as well).

Place containers out in the morning for everyone to customize their own salad.

Consider adding chopped:

  • carrots
  • celery
  • radish
  • cauliflower
  • broccoli
  • beets
  • peppers
  • red onion
  • cucumber

and add a protein such as:

  • smoked or herbed salmon
  • baked chicken
  • grilled steak
  • marinated tofu
  • garbanzo, kidney, or black beans

and have fun with extras like:

  • olives
  • seeds
  • cheese
  • croutons

Rotisserie chicken

For many, meal prep has to be easy and an organic rotisserie chicken can provide oodles of options without having to cook the actual bird (although, doing so is also great).

Some simple ideas are:


A yummy casserole cannot only be simple to make, but after a long day can quench a craving for comfort.

Enjoy for any meal of the day with ideas such as:


Similar to make your own salad are the make your own grain, macro, or Buddha bowls.

Prep whole grains (such as quinoa, oatmeal, or brown rice), chop vegetables, add a protein (such as fish, steak, chicken, tofu, or beans), include a healthy fat such (like avocado or olive oil) and top with a sauce (such as teriyaki, green goddess dressing, or hummus).

Go a step further and add a fermented food like kimchi, sauerkraut, or miso.

Here are some options:

These five prep ideas can get you started or spark creativity to develop your own delicious and healthy meals.

Now, let’s cut to the cheese and get prepping!

Are you in need of a health reset and need support?

We’re here for you!

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