Clean Spring Eating

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4 Tips for Clean Spring Eating

Has your New Year’s resolution to eat healthier gotten a little sidetrack?

In need of inspiration to make a diet change?

Tired of heavy comfort foods and craving freshness?

Then clean spring eating is for you!

Taking cues from nature, this time of year is filled with newness, rebirth, and growth.  Everything from wildlife to plants burgeons from hibernation and the glory of transformation abounds.

And this means it can be the perfect time to shed winter comforts and welcome spring abundance.

If you’re wanting to clean up your diet this spring, keep these four tips in mind (and remember, you don’t have to be perfect at it, aim for progress instead!).

1. Rest digestion by fasting.

Fasting gives the body a break.  Not only can it help conserve energy (by resting digestive functions), but it can also take that excess energy and put it to healing use.

Specifically, it can:

  • detox the body
  • fight inflammation
  • repair cells
  • balance blood sugar
  • strengthen immunity

which can all reduce the risk of disease and increase longevity.

Intermittent fasting, mimicking fasting, and 24 hour fasting can all help reset the body for spring.

2. Detox with greens.

A gentle detox from all those winter heavy foods can be just what is needed to start fresh.

Fortunately, springtime offers oodles of detoxifying greens – great for cleaning out a sluggish system.


  • spinach
  • kale
  • dandelion
  • arugula
  • mustard greens
  • Swiss chard
  • microgreens

in foods such as:

  • salads
  • sautées
  • smoothies
  • eggs
  • soups
  • sandwiches
  • stir fry
  • pasta

Even a little can make a difference so include them whenever possible.

3. Hydrate.

Yes, we know you know how important hydration is, but part of resetting for a new season is flushing out the old – figuratively and literally!

Aim for half your body weight in ounces daily and add an extra eight ounces for each activity and/or exercise.

Keep in mind that fluid intake doesn’t have to start and end with plain water (although it is a great option).  Opt for herbal tea, infused sparkling water, and homemade juice to liven it up if needed.

4. Modify the usual…in spring style.

We all have our go-to’s that are easy and delicious, so why not “springify” them to reflect the season?

Not only can eating seasonally increase nutrient content the body absorbs but it simply may just make meals taste better.

Love pasta?  Toss it with olive oil, garlic, spring peas, mushrooms, and greens and sprinkle with sea salt and Parmesan.

Always serve potatoes with meat?  Try roasted radishes instead.

Romaine salad on your weekly lunch menu? Switch it up for arugula and dandelion greens.

Cleaning up your diet in spring can be one of the best times of year for this change.  Recognize what options speak to you and give yourself the gift of renewal!

Time to make a change for your health this spring?

Let us help.

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