A Functional Road Map

Functional medicine is an essential tool for achieving optimal health. For the last few weeks, I have been permitted to share a patient’s story. In part one, they explained how frustrated and hopeless they felt with the lack of answers and dead ends they encountered while navigating the Western medical system.

They tried to go it alone, without a specific roadmap – using intuition and Google as their guides. In part two of their story, the patient described how, without a health expert, they could only get so far.

After a new patient consultation with me, we determined that nutritional testing was the next logical step in their journey. Armed with actual scientific data that their other healthcare providers hadn’t/wouldn’t explore, in part three, my patient shared how we created a roadmap to health with actionable steps together.

This week, as we conclude this series, we delve into how functional medicine surpasses the conventional Western medical system. At Colorado Natural Medicine & Acupuncture, we strive to uncover the root of your symptoms, going beyond ‘normal’ test results that often leave you with more questions than answers. We persist in our search for solutions until you feel optimal and functional and your health is fully restored.

Learning that my patient had an elevated sensitivity to the whey protein found in cow’s milk, I suggested they eliminate dairy from their diet for a limited period (3-4 weeks) and then reintroduce it slowly over 1-3 days while monitoring symptoms. In a “perfect world,” we will isolate the root cause of the negative symptoms in a patient’s digestive system and effectively identify and address the sensitivity.

Rarely do we live in a perfect world, though. Often, my patients have become fatigued because they are told their labs look “normal” and they still have no answers. For instance, if a patient’s symptoms persist after nutritional testing and a brief elimination diet, there are more functional tests we can administer. It can be difficult for patients to hear that we are going to dig deeper, but we will. For example, we might start with an in-depth analysis of comprehensive blood work for clues, and then implement a gut microbiome teste.

Western doctors don’t have a lot of treatment options outside of medications or surgery. To prescribe medications and take further actions, they typically need to see lab levels outside of the “normal” range. naturopathic doctors look for sub-optimal levels and prescribe natural medicine or testing that will help shift the balance in a patient’s body to a healthy, optimal place, thus helping to restore health but also preventing future health issues.

Are you ready to start the process towards health and vitality?  We are here to empower you on your journey towards optimal health by creating a functional roadmap personalized just for you.  We believe that true wellness comes from a balanced approach to health tailored to the unique needs of each individual. Let’s start by scheduling a consultation. I offer a complimentary call for new patients. Please call 303-688-6698 or schedule online.

Colorado Natural Medicine & Acupuncture is the functional medicine practice of Dr. Adam Graves, ND, LAc. We are located in Castle Rock, Colorado, near Parker, Highlands Ranch, and Colorado Springs.

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