Summer BBQ Tips

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Reduce Bloat and Sugar Crash from Summer Barbecues

What’s summer without a few barbecues?

Or should we say, what’s summer without bloating and sugar crashes?

Burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, beans, cobbler, and the menu goes on!  Barbecues can be downright scrumptious, even if they aren’t the healthiest.

But can you really enjoy these get togethers while still feeling good?


Here are 10 tips from Dr. Graves on ditching the bloat and kicking sugar crashes so you can feel good (not guilty!) about your choices.

  1. Bring and eat vegetables. Balance processed foods with fresh produce and fiber.
  2. Hydrate – before, during, and after with water, herbal tea, or flavored seltzer water.
  3. Fast the morning of the bbq and/or the morning after to give digestion a break and rehydrate.
  4. Listen to your body and stop when you are full, not necessarily when your plate is empty.
  5. Start small – you can always go back for seconds and thirds.
  6. Take digestive enzymes (like Similaise by Integrative Therapeutics or Digestion GB by Pure Encapsulations) before, during, and after a meal.
  7. Drink coconut water throughout the day to balance potassium and sodium content.
  8. Drink kombucha, iced teas, sparkling waters with fresh fruit and herbs that have off-setting health benefits.
  9. Take Stomach Caps or Quiet Digestion by Health Concerns to help strengthen and calm digestion.
  10. Move to stimulate digestion. Don’t sit the entire time – walk around the yard, play a game of a corn hole, or jump in the pool!

Ready to get out and grill?!

Have fun and enjoy responsibly!

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