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Healthy ways to prevent sun damage and treat sunburn

The sun.  There can be a love/hate relationship with it in Colorado.

We love the beautiful, warm days to enjoy the plethora of activities this state has to offer but fun in the sun can change to burn and concern before we know it.

Sunburn, sunspots, wrinkles, and skin cancer are all effects of too much sun exposure and living closer to the big ball of plasma can heighten our risk even more.

So what can you do about it?


Mindful actions to protect the skin are first and foremost.

For healthy prevention, opt for:

  • mineral based sunscreens with an SPF of at least 30 (typically those with zinc oxide and titanium oxide)
  • a hat that covers head, neck, and face
  • sunglasses that provide UV protection
  • SPF clothing and swim shirts
  • a tent or umbrella for shade
  • avoiding bright, high-afternoon sun
  • a diet rich in antioxidants

Try to stay away from synthetic sunscreens (such as those with oxybenzone) which have been shown to be present in and on the body weeks after discontinued use.  They can disrupt the endocrine system and have harmful effects on the earth’s oceans and reefs.

Typically, these are spray sunscreens and those with strong scents.

CLICK HERE for the Environmental Working Group’s guide to safe sunscreen.

Tip: If you’re on a hike and forgot your sunscreen, use the white powder from aspen tree bark.  The protection is small (about 5 SPF), but can be used in a pinch.


For times when lotion rubbed off or you missed a spot, sunburn can sneak up quickly.

To treat it naturally and effectively for relief and repair, try:

  • topical CBD (oil, balm, or lotion)
  • aloe vera inner gel
  • a lukewarm apple cider vinegar, oatmeal, green or chamomile tea, or baking soda bath         
  • consuming plenty of antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids

Tip: Grow an aloe vera plant in your home, slice out the inner gel-like filet, and use it as needed for occasional sunburns.

In need of CBD or guidance on sun-related issues?

Please stop by our office for CBD pick-up, call us at (303) 688-6698 or click here to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation with Dr. Graves to discuss further.

If the suns out, more than likely your skin’s out so make sure to take care of this precious organ!

Please note that severe sunburn or sun-related illness should be treated by a medical professional.



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