Eating Lighter This Spring

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5 Tips to Eating Lighter This Spring

Now that the season of freshness is upon us, it’s time to take advantage of all it has to offer and bring a lightness back to our lives.

If you’re ready to forgo the heavy meals of winter (yes, we mean you pot roast and thick stews), and say hello to the airiness of spring (we’re looking at you green leafy vegetables) then these 5 tips may help you transition into this beautiful time of year with ease and inspiration.

1. Connect with a CSA or Visit a Farmer’s Market.

Nothing says in-season more than fresh produce straight from the farm.  To understand more of what’s available this time of year in your area, visit a local farmer’s market or connect with a community-supported agriculture program (such as nearby farms or gardens that grow for the local community).

Inspire a weekend meal by preparing what you pick out at the market or what you receive in your weekly farm box which may include: lettuces, asparagus, beets, radish, artichoke, Brussel sprouts, carrots, peas, and Fava beans.

Revel in making something new and appreciate the color, texture, and taste of eating farm to table.

2. Greens, Greens, and More Greens.

Spring offers an abundance of greens – which are good for detoxifying our bodies from the heaviness of winter.

But if having a salad everyday seems mundane, switch it up!

Dr. Graves loves a simple pasta and greens dish with:

  • roasted kale 
  • grilled chicken
  • pasta
  • olive oil
  • lemon 
  • a dash of salt

that’s easy to take to work for lunch or to enjoy with the family for dinner.

In addition, his morning smoothie always includes some sort of greens such as:

  • dandelion
  • Swiss chard 
  • kale
  • spinach
  • collard greens
  • arugula

which makes getting greens in at least once a day easy!

3. Move Towards Lighter Proteins.

To lighten up eating, think about the proteins you are consuming.  Rather than a lot of red meat, transition to chicken, fish, lamb, eggs, and nuts.

To make this easy, try:

  • boiling eggs one day a week and keeping them available in the refrigerator for a simple meal or snack 
  • grilling chicken twice a week and then storing for later use as easy additions to salads, pasta, rice, and vegetables 
  • broiling or grilling fish in olive oil with fresh Meyer lemons squeezed on top and a pinch of salt 
  • baking lamb meatballs with a fresh herb like mint and enjoying with hummus or Tzatziki sauce

4. Drink Refreshingly.

As the body begins to detoxify and lighten itself from the comforts of winter, hydration plays a major role in supporting the process.

In addition to plain water, add a brightness to your daily hydration with:

  • hibiscus tea chilled with herbs (no sugar added)
  • sparkling water with muddled berries and ginger
  • green juices (such as with spinach, kale, and/or dandelion, apple, cucumber, and mint)

5. Eat in Nature.

Sure, springtime can still welcome a snow storm now and then, but for those warmer days and longer evenings of light, try to get out and enjoy your meal.

A morning tea on your porch, an afternoon picnic at a park, or an evening meal watching the sunset can make your food that much more special.

And, you may find you eat a bit less when not sitting in front of the television or with that big bowl of pasta on the table in front of you!

The airiness of spring is a sign for us all to let go of the heaviness of winter and refresh ourselves.  Rather than making it a big process that includes tons of elimination and planning, keep it simple this year and just incorporate as much of these tips as you can – along with any other goals you may have.

Ready to refresh your life this spring?  That’s what we are here for.

Please call us at (303) 688-6698 or click here to schedule a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation with Dr. Graves to talk about what issues you are having (sleep, digestion, pain, hormones, mood, etc.) and to learn how naturopathic medicine may help.

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