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Recently, you may have heard of weight loss prescriptions that are producing results relatively quickly.  They help many get to a desired weight by increasing insulin sensitivity and reducing hunger and cravings.  And the results can be dramatic.

But are these drugs a long-term solution or risk?

While we may not have all the answers yet, much of it may depend on any underlying cause(s) of the weight gain, goals, and the plan to sustain a healthy weight for years to come.

What’s best for metabolism?

Research points to quick weight loss as being less effective long-term than that which is slow and steady.  A reason for this may be the way metabolism is reconditioned.

For example, loss of fat can also be accompanied by loss of muscle (which the body needs to burn fat on its own); this, in addition to the body becoming dependent on medication to stabilize blood sugar and boost insulin sensitivity, can lead to a slow and sluggish metabolism if muscle mass has not been redeveloped and/or medication has stopped.  This can be a reason why many who lose weight quickly on “crash diets” or take extreme measures gain weight back.

One to four pounds per month for women and four to eight pounds per month for men can be a realistic and healthy goal to aim for.

However, this isn’t to say that faster-acting weight loss medications are not a viable option.  With mindful awareness and lifestyle changes, it could be helpful for some.

Dr. Graves has the following 3 tips to strategizing weight goals based on individual needs:

1. Seek a healthy way of losing weight that works for you.

Maybe it’s a few months of following a lower-carb and low-sugar diet, maybe it’s intermittent fasting and cutting out alcohol, maybe it’s strength training at a local gym, or maybe…it’s a doctor-prescribed medication.

Find what works for you and work with your doctor to set a healthy and realistic goal.

2. Make a plan of how the weight loss will be maintained.

How will you rehab your metabolism?

  • Will it be strength training two to three times per week?
  • How about an 80/20 diet of eating healthy 80% of the time and un-restricting choices for the remaining 20%?
  • What foods and drinks will you choose to nourish yourself in a healthy way?
  • Should intermittent fasting be implemented 1-2 times per week or more?
  • What active-rest movement (such as walking, yoga, stretching, tai chi) will be done on days that the body needs a break from harder workouts?

Make sure to be mindful of how you are treating your metabolism as you lose weight; support it with strength training, active-rest, lean protein, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, stress management, and good rest.

3. Address underlying mental/emotional issues that may be present.

Bring awareness to your relationship with your weight and lifestyle choices (such as food, exercise, and stress management).

  • Do you go into survival mode when stressed and forgo exercise?
  • Do you reach for undesirable foods when things seem out of control?
  • Are there memories attached to certain cravings that are hard to resist?

The discovery and processing of triggers that lead to poor choices can help change habits for the better.

Are you struggling with weight loss and not sure what the root cause is or how best to go about shedding extra pounds?

Call us at (303) 688-6698 or click here to make an appointment with Dr. Graves to discuss testing, supplements, and strategies for getting back to a healthier you.

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*Dr. Graves does not endorse any specific medication and recommends discussing any weight loss strategies with a medical professional.

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