Three-Day Weekend Ideas

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A three-day weekend?  Yes, please!

But what to do?  In a state such as Colorado, the options (and weather!) can be overwhelming.   With so much at your fingertips, how can you get the most out of your extra time off?

While we don’t have the exact answer for everyone, we are sharing ways that we love to nurture our body, mind, and spirit in order to refresh and simply have fun!  (Don’t forget this!  It can be too easy to get caught up in chores, so make sure you take time for yourself!)

Spend a day outdoors

This can look so different for each of us.  Some may prefer a stroll while others climb a mountain and that’s okay, make it your own!

A few of our favorite ways to do this are:

– visiting a national park (we have four in Colorado plus nine national monuments!). Take in the sights, explore a new trail, learn about the park in the visitor’s center, and engage the kids in the “Junior Ranger Program.”

– getting out on the water.  Reservoirs, lakes, and rivers can call for us!  Rent a paddle board, kayak, or canoe to paddle with the family, go on a rafting trip, take the kids fishing, or jump in a local swimming hole (just make sure to take all safety precautions).

– camping.  Whether at a designated campground or simply in the backyard, laying out under the stars, listening to the sounds, and sharing stories can warm our souls just as much as the campfire itself.

Learn about or try something new

The museum exhibit that sounds interesting, the ethnic restaurant with food you’ve never had before, that instrument you’ve secretly been wanting to learn to play…

What better time to expand your knowledge, understanding, and wellbeing than with an extra day off?  Ask the family what they’ve had on their desired list of to-dos and enjoy a new experience together or get to researching something on your own!

Connect with others

Three-day weekends can be famous for backyard barbecues and for good reason!  Spending time with others can nurture our relationships and social health while having fun.

Other ways to do this can be:

  • picnicking at a local garden or park
  • hiking or biking a new trail
  • spending the day in a mountain town exploring
  • trying that new restaurant
  • hosting a game night
  • cooking a meal together
  • planning an activity such as mini-golf, bowling, or rollerskating
  • having others over for an outdoor movie night
  • get together for coffee or tea
  • going to a concert or community event

The options can be endless when it comes to enjoying your three-day weekend.  And it’s important to note that depending on the holiday, there can be numerous events honoring the occasion which can be meaningful to attend.

Whatever you choose to do, we encourage you to do it safely and enjoyably!

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