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Should you or shouldn’t you?  

Is it safe or not?  

Is that the truth or does it have a political bias?

If your head is spinning wondering what to believe these days, it’s not a surprise. There seems to be conflicting information daily and it’s frustrating at best, chaotic at worst.

CNMA continues to receive a variety of questions on the latest scientific information and Dr. Graves is here to help break down what research is showing and relay this to you in a non-biased and non-political way.

His network of doctors from around the country, his own analysis of reports, and his daily work in the office allows him a fair and impartial perspective.  Please note that this dialogue is based on his analysis up until October 7, 2020 and is not a cure for COVID-19.

Listen to Dr. Graves discuss his view on the current state of the pandemic:

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live interview, non biased overview of COVID 19, natural medicine, colorado natural medicine and acupuncture, doctor adam graves


How are biased views affecting our understanding of the virus and what should we know right now?

Dr. Graves:  Each political side, whether the right or the left, can take black and white data and leverage it to their narrative advantage.  I recommend keeping this in mind as you decipher the research.

The good news is that we have data both globally (from other countries) and locally (from our own counties) from the last seven months that is helping us understand the virus more clearly.

The bottom line is that it is a severe illness.  For many, it’s like a very severe flu.  You don’t want it and you don’t want to pass it along to someone else.

Sadly, some will die and yes, some will feel affects for months, if not longer.  However, for the majority of people who do contract it, they will most likely recover.

Just know that information can change minute to minute and as of now, this is what the bulk of information shows.

What are we learning about how it is contracted?

Dr. Graves:  Research continues to develop in this area, but we do know that it is spread through aerosols – which means, through breathing.

While we may not know exactly how long someone needs exposure to the aerosols before inducing the virus, more than likely, exposure over an extended period of time is needed.

This means that walking by someone at the grocery store may not provide enough aerosol exposure to develop the virus but a two hour birthday party inside someone’s home may spread plenty.

How can we try to prevent it?

Dr. Graves:  While there isn’t a magic bullet, there are things that we can do to lower our risk.

First, let’s talk about masks.  Masks are not a cure, but they do offer some protection.  They are one piece to a puzzle that has multiple prevention approaches that work together for safety and health.

Second, not attending gatherings in tightly enclosed environments with large amounts of people and poor ventilation can be a very smart choice.  Think of the flu – the number of cases typically rise throughout the holidays due to large gatherings inside.  Be mindful of this and don’t be afraid to say no to crowded events or activities.

Third, wash your hands!  As soon as you get in the door, before eating, and frequently throughout the day.

And lastly, investment in your own health should be priority.

Make sure you are:

– getting deep, quality sleep for 6-8 hours each night 

            – managing stress appropriately 

            – maintaining a healthy weight 

            – eating plenty of vegetables and clean protein 

            – moving each day 

            – hydrating (at least your body weight in ounces everyday)

as well as supporting your immune system with herbal supplements such as vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, probiotics, and a multi-vitamin.

While your personal approach may slightly differ, here is an example of how prevention should not just rely on one thing, but should be a multi-pronged regimen:

natural medicine COVID 19, natural path health, COVID 19 natural medicine support, colorado natural medicine and acupuncture, doctor adam graves


What should we do if we get it?

Dr. Graves:  Have a plan in place!

Now is not the time to push through when you aren’t feeling good.  You need to rest, hydrate, nourish, and simply…take it easy.  Discuss with your family what your plan is if this is needed.

In addition, having certain supplements in your medicine cabinet can be helpful in supporting your immune system to fight off a virus.

I recommend Acute Immune™ by Mountain Peak Nutritionals (available through our office) and Wellness Formula by Source Naturals (available at some local health food stores).  Taken at the first sign of illness, they may reduce symptoms and shorten virus length. 

Should we consider getting a vaccine when available?

Dr. Graves:  This is a personal choice for each individual.  Just like the flu vaccine, it may not be able to eradicate the virus altogether, but it could be another option in trying to keep yourself healthy (in addition to masks, social distancing, and self-care).

Personally, I like to follow studies conducted after the release of a vaccine to understand their effectiveness and side-effects before opting for one.  However, at-risk groups or those who think it is a good choice for their personal health may certainly benefit right away.

There are so many questions swirling around the pandemic right now.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with yours at (303) 688-6698 or click here to schedule a 15 minute complimentary phone call with Dr. Graves to ask them.  Whether it’s about how much vitamin D you should take daily or how you can reduce your stress, have these discussions sooner rather than later.

While we may not have cure-all answers, we are happy to share the research and information in a non-biased discussion.

CNMA treats those in Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch, Centennial, Parker, Larkspur, Monument, Colorado Springs, and the greater Denver metro area in-person as well as those around the country virtually.

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