Summer Date Ideas

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Did you know healthy relationships can actually increase longevity?  They can support stress management, the immune system, and emotional regulation, all of which are important to overall health and wellbeing.

And one of those types of relationships?  Romantic ones!

Summer can be a wonderful time to nurture a romantic relationship; among commitments, responsibilities, parties, travel, and the like – it can be needed!  Making space for such love can provide opportunity to be present with each other, talk freely, and share new memories.

Some ways to do this are:

Trying something new together

Whether it’s learning the latest craze or stepping outside one’s comfort zone, experiencing novel things together can stimulate fresh conversation and be downright fun!


Exploring together

Discovering new sights and experiences can help relationships grow and, in Colorado, there’s much to explore!


Relaxing together

Slowing down can calm nervous systems and foster space for closeness and communication.


It can also be important to make space for intimacy.  Seeking alone time, turning off electronics, and engaging in affectionate touch and sex can support healthy romantic relationships.

These ideas are for inspirational purposes only (CNMA does not endorse any location, activity, business, website, or company) to get you thinking about how you can spend quality time with your significant other.  Whether a quiet meal at home or a local sight-seeing day, just taking time to dedicate to one another can foster love and support health!


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