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Are you feeling hopeless about healthcare?

I’ve heard it from patients thousands of times – they are at a crossroads with conventional medicine. Lots of them say to me, they just can’t seem to find relief from their symptoms.

They tell me they feel as though their conventional doctors don’t take time to listen to their concerns.

They report that they aren’t given adequate care or consideration in the current medical system because it is overburdened.

They are often looking for complementary ways to address their symptoms without relying solely on traditional pharmaceuticals.

These patients continue to express how conventional medicine is not meeting their healthcare needs, and as a result, they are losing hope that they will ever feel better again.

If that’s you…someone who is feeling frustrated with the state of your current healthcare situation, and you’re not finding answers to the questions you have, just know that’s why people seek out my practice in Naturopathic Medicine and Acupuncture. The reason why you are reading this now: it’s the same reason other patients sought care from me or my team. You are not alone!

I provide health restoration, instead of the symptom management you’ve become accustomed to. I will help you look at your healthcare from a holistic natural approach so that we can address the root causes and get lasting change and improvement.

Here’s what I know. You are a unique individual that is unlike anyone else, therefore a cookie-cutter approach to healing will not work. Naturopathic medicine complements the knowledge you’ve been given from a conventional standpoint. I can help you integrate the pieces to form an individualized health plan that works to alleviate your symptoms starting with the root causes.

I view the pillars of health management like the four legs of a chair – each one integral to the function and integrity of the structure. We work through the process, together, of restoring your health by addressing your foundations in nutrition, movement, sleep and stress management.

Because your personal health care plan is based on genetics, hormones, symptoms and goals, my approach is unique to you as an individual. Some of the protocols we might explore are acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, mind/ body movement, functional testing, and if necessary, pharmaceuticals. I help you set goals with realistic expectations that match your capabilities as a human.

As people continue to feel like they are falling through the cracks of the modern medical system, my team and I are providing answers and hope. For those who feel lost and frustrated while navigating the healthcare system on their own, I’m ready to step in as a guide. I educate and empower patients to participate in their own healing journey

Are you ready for an individualized health plan that gets to the root of your symptoms and really meets your healthcare needs? Dr. Graves offers a 15-minute phone call for new patients where you can ask questions and determine if the naturopathic approach is right for you. Simply call 303-688-6698 or tap this button, today, to schedule time with Dr. Graves.

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