Top 10 Natural Skincare Tips/ Products/ Tricks

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Last week, we discussed healthy skin from the inside out. There are many ways that functional medicine can keep you feeling AND looking great simultaneously. At Colorado Natural Medicine & Acupuncture, we are pleased to offer the services of licensed acupuncturist Melissa Crum, LAc, who also specializes in aesthetic acupuncture.

Melissa uses facial acupuncture to balance other internal systems and applies acupuncture to the body when performing microneedling, nanoneedling, or other aesthetic procedures.

She says, “I really love doing facial work, and I like to incorporate acupuncture into the body while I’m working on the face. It’s a satisfying part of what I do.”

Dealing with fine lines, wrinkles, facial sagging, acne, or pigmentation? Those are some of the common reasons people schedule appointments with Melissa.

But there are other ways you can become proactive about your skincare! Here are Melissa’s Top Ten Natural Tips/ Tricks/ Products to try:

  1. Focus on three basic ingredients: Topical Vitamin C (we carry The Flower Remedy Radiant C Serum in stock at CNMA), Peptides (protein building blocks – stimulate collagen and elastin), Vitamin A (retinol)
  2. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated!
  3. Eat nutritious vegetables. Japanese Sweet Potatoes are my favorite because they are packed with hyaluronic acids. Select veggies across the color spectrum, go heavy on leafy greens, and incorporate microgreens, which have the highest nutrient content (just adding these goes a long way).
  4. Get a Micro-Current Device. You can purchase this online and utilize it at home. The micro-current device trains the muscles in your face and helps with the mitochondria in your cells. Consistency gets you the best results, leaving skin looking toned and lifted and feeling rejuvenated.
  5. Microneedling. Skincare is a long game. It is worth investing in a monthly protocol.
  6. Gua sha. This massage technique helps with circulation in your face. When you have fascia restriction, wrinkles are created. Releasing the fascia helps to smooth the appearance of your skin, creating energy flow and increasing hydration.
  7. Facial Acupuncture. Different from microneedling, facial acupuncture targets the muscular structure and blood flow and addresses imbalances in the body’s organ systems.
  8. Nanoneedling is a gentler alternative to microneedling This method involves using a device with very tiny needles that do not penetrate as deeply into the skin so no blood is drawn. This technique should be utilized more often than microneedling (every two weeks). Nanoneedling is a less invasive procedure that allows us to better target delicate areas like the lips and eyes.
  9. USE SPF! I recommend children’s sunscreen, which is more pure, has less fragrance, and has fewer ingredients. SPF 30 is adequate. According to The Environmental Working Group – Badger sunscreen is rated the highest.
  10. Polypodium Leucotomos. This is a fern that you take internally, which helps with hyperpigmentation and prevents damage from the sun. It is a potent antioxidant.

Want to be more healthy from the inside out?

Naturopathic medicine and acupuncture perfectly complement your at-home skincare routine. Let’s discuss your situation to see if aesthetic acupuncture might be helpful as part of your personalized plan. CNMA offers a complimentary call for new patients. Contact us by calling 303-688-6698 or scheduling online.

Colorado Natural Medicine & Acupuncture provides functional medicine in and around the Denver Metro Area. We are conveniently located in Castle Rock, close to Colorado Springs and Parker.

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