Self Care for Moms

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner!

Handmade cards the kids give you as they jump into bed, maybe a little breakfast with some burnt toast and jam, or even a creative family outing – how fun!

But all you really want…is time to yourself.

To read a few chapters in a new book, to watch your favorite show that’s been forgotten about on the DVR, to sit and do nothing.

But even though this may not make us feel like we are very good moms, it may be the very reason why we are.

Motherhood is incredibly rewarding.  It can also be exhausting and stressful at times! And for those who recognize it, accept it, and take care of themselves because of it, it can be the key to being the best mom they can be.

Self-care in today’s society can feel like taboo.  The guilt surrounding taking time for ourselves can be so overwhelming that we nix the idea all together.

But where does that leave us?

Stressed.  Depressed.  Resentful.  Angry.  Tired.  Moody.

And that can provide us not only unhappy relationships, but the chronic stress can lead to disease and illness.

Is this being our “best” mom?  Or, is a rested, calm, healthy, and fulfilled mom – even if we aren’t available every minute of every day, is this being the best mom we can be?

Our job is to guide our children on how to live a healthy and happy life. So let’s show them that taking time for self-care is part of that equation!

Following are 20 ideas for mom self-care!

  1. Start by scheduling an acupuncture appointment to relax your nervous system, calm the chatter in your mind, and restore your balance to start fresh.
  2. Take yourself to lunch or coee after your acupuncture appointment and write down how you feel and what you can do for future self-care. What can your weekly self-care look like? What would you like to do during that time? What do you need in order to make that happen (childcare, running shoes, etc.)?
  1. Consider stress-management supplements such as Innate Responses’s Adrenal Response® (taken 1-2 times daily), NeuroCalm™ by Designs for Health® (1-2 pills per day), GABA supplements, and/or Lavela WS 1265™ by Integrative Therapeutics (a dense form of lavender oil to calm the body and mind, taken as needed).
  1. Choose a daily movement exercise. Walking, running, HIIT, swimming, weight training, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, skiing, snow shoeing, biking, etc. Aim for at least 20 minutes per day.
  1. Choose a twice-weekly mind-body practice. Yoga, meditation, stretching, massage, sauna/steam, or relaxation techniques.
  1. Hydrate yourself. Aim for half of your weight in ounces plus extra if you are sweating, eating poorly, or drinking alcohol.
  1. Prepare healthy snacks for yourself. Cut up extra fruits and vegetables, pair them with a container of nuts and have them ready to grab when it gets too busy to create something on the spot.
  1. Get enough protein. Sustained energy throughout the day is a must, make sure to get in enough protein to keep you going!
  1. Invest in noise-cancelling headphones or find a quiet and still place you can go to when the kids are being looked after so you can clear your mind and regroup in silence.
  1. Write down 3 things that would make your life easier as a mom and take action to do them. Is it finding a carpool for one day a week? Having someone else feed the dog? Or help cutting up fruits and vegetables for the week?
  1. Ask for help. Remember number 9? Writing down what would make things easier? Now you actually have to ask for the help! It doesn’t mean you’re not a good mom, it means you’re trying to take care of yourself and your own sanity in being your best!
  1. Schedule a self-care retreat for a day or two each year. Whether you go away for a night by yourself to read, write, and refresh, or take one full day to hike, picnic, meditate, and rejuvenate, put it on the calendar now and plan at least 8 hours for yourself.
  1. Take a break from social media. Start with one day with no social media and increase to what feels fulfilling.
  1. Get a hobby. Always wanted to learn to knit? Join that softball league? Take a cooking class? Stop worrying about the time it will take away from your family and show them that you are a person with interests as well!
  1. Indulge in a hot bath. Pick your favorite scent of epsom salts, grab a new book, and unwind in warm water.
  1. Catch up with a friend. Find time to make that phone call, send that card, or follow through with coffee or lunch.
  1. Schedule a date night. Plan it together or ask your significant other to make a reservation if you’re too busy (remember about asking for help?!).
  1. Sit down to eat your meals for proper digestion. You don’t have to scarf breakfast while trying to pack lunches, button shirts, and tie shoes.
  1. Try essential oils. Pick scents that are calming when you are stressed and energizing for when you are tired. Place a few drops on the shower floor before getting in or in a diffuser to freshen the room.
  1. Cry when you need to. Life is hard. We were built to cry when we are sad or upset.  Give in to that feeling and let it out.  And it’s okay if the kids see you do it – it may just teach them that it’s okay, too.

Are you ready to refresh yourself as a mother, determined to take care of yourself as well as your family?

Then let’s get started!

If you live in Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch, Centennial, Parker, Larkspur, Monument, Colorado Springs, or the Greater Denver Metro area, please call us at 303 688-6698 or schedule your acupuncture or massage appointment here.

Make this Mother’s Day a wonderful tradition to thank yourself with self-care and love!

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