Healthier Summer Comfort Foods

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Summer screams bbq, chips, ice cream, pies, and popsicles, but the refined carbs, saturated fats, processed sugars, and artificial ingredients can dampen the love of such comfort foods and cause everything from gastrointestinal and mood issues to sleep disruption and lowered immunity.

And who wants that to deal with over the summer?

This year, don’t stress about forgoing your seasonal favorites, just consider tweaking them for a healthier version when needed.

Need some ideas on how to do that?  Here are some to get you started!


Select low fat lean protein instead of those with highly saturated fat and opt for ones that offer additional nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, minerals (such as iron), and vitamins.

Grilled Salmon in Foil

Grilled Corn

Easy Grilled Chicken Breasts

Grilled Vegetables

Grilled Shrimp

Spiced Rubbed Grilled Chicken

Healthy Turkey Burgers

Grilled Steak

Grilled Fruit Kabobs


Move over salads slathered in mayo!  Use side dishes for vitamin, antioxidant, and fiber nutrition with plenty of vegetables, whole grains, and legumes.

Herbed Potato Salad

Panzanella Salad

Vegan BLT Pasta Salad

Sweet Potato Fries

Easy Three Bean Salad

Tomato Basil Corn Salad

Summer Peach Salad with Quinoa and Arugula

Better Broccoli Casserole

Black Bean Dip

Easy Hummus


Sugar is a hard one to pass up in summer, so limiting it may be a more feasible option when it comes to dessert.  In addition, consider balancing sugary foods with protein.

No Bake Cookie Dough Blizzard

Healthy Homemade Popsicles with Real Fruit

Cherry Oatmeal Crumble

Blueberry Fool

Watermelon Fruit Pizza


Natural, low-sugar drinks can provide hydration and flavor!

Infused Waters

Sun Tea

Mint Lemonade (Low Sugar)

Grapefruit Thyme Fizz

Strawberry Orange Mango Kombucha Mocktails

Low Sugar Strawberry Lemon Spritzer

From backyard barbecue to park picnic to mid-week meals, have fun with your menu this summer.  And remember…you can still enjoy delectable comfort food with healthy twists!

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