Best and Safest Way to Buy Herbal Supplements

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It’s been recommended that you try natural herbal supplements, or, you’ve heard or read that a certain type of supplement may be able to help your condition.

You then visit a natural health food store and find a plethora of the same type of supplement, just different brands.  After looking at prices, you then wonder if you can purchase something less expensive online.  

You purchase supplements from either or both the store and online only to use them for a few months and not receive any significant results.  You may feel like you’re spinning your wheels and throwing away your money.  Not to mention the half used bottles of supplements sitting in your medicine cabinet.

In return you may wonder…is the recommendation for these supplements wrong?  Did I pick a bad brand?  Or, is there another option to see if they really can help?

According to the National Institutes of Health, the supplement industry is worth approximately 37 billion dollars.  That’s quite a number!  This means that there is a WIDE variety of supplements to pick from, places to purchase from, and brands to decipher from.

So what do you do when you’re unsure, confused, and have a budget?  

Treat your symptom relief and health cure just like you would when going to see a general practitioner and get advice from a professional.

Here are 3 reasons why Dr. Adam Graves believes it’s important where you purchase your supplements:

1.    Beware!  Online supplements can be it safe to buy supplements online, where to buy supplements, colorado natural medicine and acupuncture

We recently had a client purchase a supplement online and bring it in to our office.  We carry the exact same supplement, however, the colors looked completely different.  

Chances are, this online-bought supplement was either counterfeit, past its expiration date, not the entire herb it promised, or a different potency.

Even the most reputable-seeming online stores may not be able to conduct testing to ensure the quality and standards of the supplements being purchased.  

Keep in mind that while prices may be cheaper, your results may not be what you desire.

2. Buy from a professional sold through professionals.

Many stores have wonderful employees that are wanting to help you find just the right supplement.  Sometimes, this is a great way to learn more about different brands!  But be cautious of the education and training some employees may have received (or not received).

We always recommend selecting and purchasing through a professional holistic medicine office that sells natural, professional quality manufactured supplements – particularly through a doctor, such as Dr. Adam Graves, who knows which professional supplements are highest in quality and show the best results.

The supplements he prescribes and sells in his office have been carefully chosen due to his clinical experience with his patients.  

Dr. Graves has a doctorate degree and over 12 years of experience with herbal supplements.  His training is exceptional when it comes to understanding what different supplements can do to help support the body and different conditions.  

For example, even though you may have read that ashwaganda, a specific herb, can help with stress, you may find that Dr. Graves would typically prescribe other herbs in conjunction with ashwaganda for the best results.

Sometimes, professional products can also have more potency for quicker and more favorable results.

When purchasing through our office, you know the QUALITY and POTENCY are scientifically guaranteed through high industry standards.

3. Streamline your process and save money!

We understand that supplements purchased through our office may be more expensive than those you find at a health food store or online.  So then why do we say it can save you money?

Easy – because we streamline the process for you.

Remember those half-used bottles of supplements you’ve tried that haven’t worked?  How about that feeling of what to select when you’re at the store (and wondering if the cheaper brand is still okay)?  Or simply trying one supplement after another until you give up or run out of money?

naturopathic doctor castle rock, functional medicine doctor castle rock, dr adam graves, 80104When you visit Dr. Graves, he takes into account all of your symptoms and underlying root cause of your issue.  His 12 years of experience with patients allows him knowledge of what has worked well in the past and what to stay away from. 

He is mindful of what herbal supplements work best together and which ones aren’t worth trying.  He will even recommend the dosage of what to take and when throughout the day.  There may even be some additional options that he knows of that have nothing to do with supplements!  

The point is, Dr. Graves gets right to the point of what’s going on and how to treat it.  You may end up spending more money up front, but it’s to get the right ones that get results.  This can save much time, frustration, and MONEY in the long run.

And if you purchase from our office and don’t see any progress?  Let’s keep working at it!  You can bring your unused supplement back and we’ll troubleshoot until we get it right.  We work as a team to help you feel your best.

The bottom line?

You don’t HAVE to buy through a professional holistic medicine office, but we do believe in seeing results from wherever you choose to purchase.  

If you live in Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Highlands Ranch, Parker, Centennial, Monument, Larkspur, Lone Tree, or Colorado Springs and aren’t seeing results from the herbal supplements you are taking, or wonder if a certain supplement could help you, contact us now.

Dr. Graves is happy to schedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation with you about your questions and discuss options to feeling better.

Contact us now and stop wondering if what you’re taking is really helping.

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